Dillonaire spirit by Tony and Adam saves families weekend

Wednesday, July 31, 2019
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Once upon a time, we got a flat tire approx. 7 miles south of Dillon, MT. In the next few hours we met frustration after frustration trying to figure out a solution for our situation. We couldn’t get anyone to answer our phone calls, realized just how small Dillon was, realized that it might be fairly difficult to get new tires, how unprepared we were, how breaking down on Saturday afternoon is, like, one of the worst times as you are very limited on who is open and most places being closed on Sunday. Finally after a few hours, we were able to get a call back from the tow company.

Tow truck Tony showed up and he was this young dude that immediately said “let’s get these kids packed into my truck and get you guys on your way!” I had been freaking out because we had called a hotel and had been told that there was no taxi or equivalent and we had determined that we’d be walking, so I was overjoyed that he had room for all of us!

We had already booked a hotel and Tony said he would be more than happy to drop off the van and then drive us to the hotel.

While we were driving, I told him we thought we would be walking back to Dillon because we had no option and he replied “No way! I would have called my family to come pick you up if I didn’t have room. I’d never leave you stranded”

We had talked to Les Schwab multiple times during the afternoon and they said there was no way to get our tires until earliest Monday, but likely later in the week, so we had located some in Idaho Falls, but had no real rental car options (the one rental company only had a truck) so we were feeling stuck with tires 2.5 hrs. away.

We got to Les Schwab and got Tony paid and I was going through our stuff to get what we needed for the hotel and then Adam (Les Schwab) came over and asked if we wanted to use his suburban until we got our van fixed. (Who does that?! Crazy!) He told us to wait until they closed up and he would drive Kyle to his house to get the suburban.

While we waited another guy came in and got us drinks and chatted with us and then Adam came back and said “You’re never going to believe this, but we changed tires for someone today and they fit your van. Do you want 2 of them so you can get going in the morning and make it to Utah?”

We sat there dumbfounded, drinking our ice cold RC colas, me trying not to cry as they stayed late, put tires on, refused any form of payment and told us to have a great vacation.

We were treated so amazing by everyone in Dillon. I hope that I have many opportunities to pay it forward using their examples. Every single person we came into contact with were so so so good to us. (Also...when we booked the hotel, I mentioned that we were calling from the side of the highway and he gave us 30% discount on our room!!)

So much love and hospitality from EVERYONE!!! I’m so insanely grateful to all the Dillon people!

Angie and Kyle Gerrie and the four kids (ages 12,9,7, and 4) Calgary, Alberta

Editors note: The Gerrie’s were on their way to Salt Lake City, Utah for a family reunion when they had car trouble near Dillon. Tony Congliolosi from Turney Towing and Adam Hooten of Les Schwab Tire Center were true Dillonaires when confronted with a family caught in a trying situation. Angie could not remember the gentleman who came to the families aid with the hotel room.