Dillon welcomes its first baby of new year

Wednesday, January 8, 2020
Dillon welcomes its first baby of new year

2020 vision

Taylor and Travis Fries sit with their daughter, Molly, in Barrett Hospital & Healthcare, where Molly became the first baby born in Dillon on Saturday. M.P. Regan photo

It didn’t take long for Taylor and Travis Fries to realize they were destined to become husband and wife.

And it didn’t take long after New Year’s Day for their daughter to fulfill her destiny of becoming the first baby born in Dillon in 2020.

“There were some rumors floating around the hospital,” said mom Taylor of the possibility last week that their soon-to-arrive would become the first Dillon debut in 2020.

“But I didn’t put any investment into it until it actually happened,” added Taylor of the lead-up to the emergence of Molly Denisee Autumn Fries on Saturday, Jan. 4, at 8:46 a.m. in Barrett Hospital.

“The surgery team was just great,” smiled Travis of the medical professionals who performed the c-section that brought Molly into the world.

“It was like they were coming down here for a party, which it was,” continued Travis.

“Becoming a father is an amazing experience,” added the dad of Molly, who is already happily engaging with all the amazing new experiences and people she has encountered over the past few days.

“She is a pretty happy baby. We have already gotten a few smiles from her,” said Molly’s mom.

“I think she is going to be a bit of a firecracker. You can just sense it,” laughed Molly’s dad of his daughter.

“Yesterday, the baby was awake and looking around. My parents were here and her mom was here,” said Travis of his wife’s mom, Pattie Vezina, the widow of Taylor’s dad—the late Beaverhead County High School teacher and coach Steve Vezina, who passed in 2017 after a heroic battle with cancer he used to inspire others.

“Everybody got to hold the baby. It was neat to see all the interaction,” said Travis of the Sunday scene among family members who contributed to the festivities.

The baby’s name represents a combination of family tributes and simple preference.

“We just liked the name Molly,” said Taylor of her daughter’s first name, which precedes her second middle name, Autumn (which honors Autumn Grace, the baby Taylor miscarried before gaining Molly), and her first middle name of Denisee (an echo of the first name of Travis’s mom, who lives in Butte with his dad, Paul Fries).

Barrett Hospital & Healthcare in Dillon served as the site of another key, joyous event in the relationship between Travis and Taylor.

“We met at the hospital,” recalled Taylor of the earliest days of her relationship with her future husband, a health tech at Barrett Hospital & Healthcare.

“I worked at Barrett and was in the break room eating lunch. He came in, and we got to talking and we decided to go out for coffee. I had wanted to ask him out for months, but it took awhile to ask him out. I think he was a little surprised by it.”

The courtship didn’t last long.

“We’d been dating for about two weeks and we were at my house on the couch watching a movie, and I said to him, I know it’s only been two weeks but I feel like I’m falling in love with you,” remembered Taylor.

“And he said, I’m falling in love with you, too. The next day or the day after that, we went out and bought a promise ring. And then two weeks after that he asked me to marry him,” smiled Taylor, a Dillon native and graduate of Beaverhead County High School.

“And then shortly before I asked her, she met my parents. They were staying in a cabin near here. I introduced her to them. They loved her, which was great,” said Travis, who married Taylor just under a year ago, on Jan. 12, 2019, where he was born and raised.

“That means a lot to me when everyone can get along.”

According to Taylor, Travis also gets along famously with Taylor’s son, four-year-old, Nicholas.

“Hi, sister,” said Nicholas while grinning on a video phone call on Monday from Butte, where he was staying with his dad.

“He is pretty excited to be a big brother,” noted Taylor—an insight Nicholas seconded with an enthusiastic “Yeah!” before waving his arms around excitedly in a sort of celebration dance similar to the one he said he did when he heard about Molly’s birth two days earlier.

Nicholas got born at Barrett Hospital as well—the day after Christmas 2015.

But his journey home from the hospital got delayed a little while when someone stole the family car as it waited outside for Nicholas and his mom.

“The story about that was on the front page of the Dillon Tribune, right next to the one about the first baby of 2016,” said Taylor, who as the mom of the first bundle of joy delivered in Dillon in 2020, Molly Denisee Autumn Fries, will, along with her daughter and husband receive a bundle of gifts that includes:

*a baby gift from Barrett Hospital & Healthcare;

*newborn diapers from Town & Country Foods in Dillon;

*four lattes from Sweetwater Coffee on South Idaho Street in downtown Dillon;

*a baby gift from downtown’s The Gallery;

*baby’s first haircut from Hair Care Unlimited, on North Montana Street in downtown Dillon;

*a gift certificate from the Bank of Commerce on South Idaho Street in downtown Dillon;

*a baby gift from the 3-D Store on South Montana Street downtown;

*a baby gift from Pioneer Federal Savings & Loan on North Washington Street downtown;

*one-year subscription to the Dillon Tribune.