Dillon Tree Board awards pruning contract

Patrick Riedl, a certified arborist and owner of Prorover Tree Service in Billings, MT was awarded the City of Dillon tree pruning and removal contract for 2018. The pruning and removal work will take place at 10 different locations along Dillon’s boulevards and city parks. Forty-eight trees will be pruned, and 8 trees will be cut down and removed due to rot and possible tree failure. All tree stumps on the removed trees will be ground out. Work will begin in mid-March and should be completed by the end of April.

The certified arborist will prune trees to remove broken and dead branches, promote good structural branching and improve vigor and aesthetics of the tree. Only certified arborists are permitted to bid on these contracts, and they must follow ANSI 300 standards as set forth by the Tree Care Industry Association. The contract is being administered by the City of Dillon and the Dillon Tree Board.

The boulevards where the pruning and removals will take place include Vigilante, Children’s, and Jaycee Parks, and trees along the boulevards on South Pacific, Atlantic, South Rife, South Bozeman, South Idaho, South Railroad and West Morse Streets. All adjacent landowners have been contacted and are supportive of the project. Trees to be pruned are marked with blue ribbons and trees to be cut down with a blue X at the base of the tree.

Crews will be busy and won’t always see you when they are working, so please stay at least 60 feet away from all pruning activity. Prorover will be working in conjunction with city employees during the pruning and removal work.

The funding for the project is derived in full or in part from a federal award of the U.S. Forest Service, Department of Agriculture, sub-awarded by the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation (DNRC), Forestry Division. The City matches the grant funding at 100% to accomplish project work. A competitive bid process took place to determine the lowest bidder. Three bids from certified arborists were received.

Since 2008, the Dillon Tree Board has secured over $91,000 in funding to enhance Dillon’s urban forest. The mission of the Tree Board is to preserve, enhance, and expand our community forest through educating the public and promoting community involvement and individual dedication.

New trees are available to be planted through the Tree Board’s “Cost Share Program.” Visit the Dillon City Hall or the Dillon Tree Board website dillontrees.org dillontrees.org for more information about the program.