Dillon police liaison selected as new judge

Casey S. Elliott
Wednesday, November 10, 2021
Justice appointed

Dillon Police Law Enforcement Liaison Randi Braddock will be the next Beaverhead County Justice of the Peace. She succeeds Judge Candy L. Hoerning, who announced her retirement effective Nov. 30. Casey S. Elliott photo

Dillon Police Law Enforcement Liaison Randi Braddock will serve as the next Beaverhead County Justice of the Peace, the Beaverhead County Commissioners decided Monday.

Braddock previously served as the Dillon City Court clerk. She has a degree in early childhood multicultural education, and she believes her past experience will be an asset to the office.

“I first became interested in a judgeship when I started at city court in 2017. Life events just have continued to lead me in this direction. It’s something I feel I’m being called to do,” she said. “I have a working knowledge of the court system....I have worked with people of all different backgrounds and socio-economic statuses. I’ve trained in trauma and brain development. All of those things would benefit the people that would be coming through the court.”

Braddock was one of two applicants for the position. The second applicant, Dillon Police Chief Don Guiberson, withdrew his application Monday morning.

“I am confident Mrs. Braddock will be fair, impartial and will occupy the office of Justice of the Peace with ethics and integrity,” Guiberson said of his assistant at the police department.

Braddock said it was “not awkward at all” with both her and her superior in the police department vying for the same appointment.

“We were both very supportive of each other, knowing we were both suitable candidates for the position,” she said, adding Guiberson called her Sunday night congratulating her on the appointment prior to the announcement.

Commissioner Tom Rice noted both candidates were interviewed for the position, calling them both “super qualified.”

The commission will not officially ap point Braddock to the spot for a couple of weeks. Current Justice of the Peace Candy L. Hoerning intends to retire from the position Nov. 30. In the meantime, Braddock said she will strive to get up to speed on the position while ensuring her current job duties are fulfilled.

Hoerning told the commissioners Monday she did not envy the decision they had to make for her successor.

“Both candidates are excellent choices. I know it was probably a difficult decision, but I know Randi is going to do a great job,” she said. “I think it’ll be a good transition – we’ve already talked about how we will make this go.”

Braddock said she hopes to learn as much as possible before Hoerning leaves at the end of the month, and she intends to run for the position in next November’s election.

“I plan to continue bringing integrity to the court, and do my best to serve the county and the people within it,” she said.