Dillon man shot by police

Charges pending
Casey S. Elliott
Wednesday, January 13, 2021

A 32-year-old Dillon man may face felony charges for allegedly reaching for his gun when he was shot by local police last week.

Jordan Scott Schryver of Dillon was taken to the hospital after the altercation, and is said to be recovering from his injuries. Felony charges are “imminent,” Dillon Police Chief Don Guiberson said.

A Dillon police officer and two Beaverhead County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a call of a man walking down the street, yelling and screaming at cars driving by – to the point the cars had to swerve to miss the man, Guiberson said. Officers arrived at a Kentucky Avenue residence around 6:24 p.m. Jan. 6 where the man allegedly lived. Police knocked on the door; the suspect answered the door with a pistol in the waistband of his pants.

“When the officer told him to put his hands in the air and not grab his gun, he did not comply,” Guiberson said. “He reached for his gun and started to pull it out when the officer engaged.”

Schryver was shot in the abdomen and arm in the doorway of the home, Guiberson said.

Guiberson declined to name the officer, or say how many shots were fired, citing an ongoing investigation by the Montana Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI). The officer is on administrative leave per Dillon police policy. Guiberson said his department never investigates its own officerinvolved shootings.

“We called them in for transparency purposes,” he said. “Our department does not investigate its own actions.”

Guiberson said he reviewed the body camera video from the shooting and stated he believed the officer had acted appropriately. However, DCI will make the determination on whether the officer’s actions were warranted.

DCI would forward its final report to Beaverhead County Attorney Jed C. Fitch’s office to determine if charges against the officer are required. There would not be a coroner’s inquest into the officer-involved shooting unless the suspect dies or is killed in the event, Fitch said.

A recent coroner’s inquest into a March 2019 shooting with homicide suspect Douglas Foster of Lewistown determined Officer Jared Rumsey and Beaverhead County Sheriff’s Deputy Aaron Bowman acted appropriately in that situation.

Guiberson did not have an estimated timeline for when DCI would complete its investigation, though he said he did not expect it would take too long.

“We want justice to be served either way in a transparent investigation,” he added. “The public needs to know what their officers are doing and how that relates to the protection of city residents....We appreciate the community’s support and patience as we let the process go through the proper channels.”