Dillon Farmers Market starts summer run this Saturday

M.P. Regan
Wednesday, June 22, 2022

The what and the when remain chiseled in stone.

The Dillon Farmers Market will start for 2022 on Saturday, June 25, at 9 a.m.

The where for the four-hour weekly summer market will depend on the state of concrete in the area.

“We are defitely moving forward. We will have the Farmers Market on Saturday,” insisted Dillon Farmers Market Board of Directors President Janet Tatarka of the 2022 debut of the annual, weekly buy-local mainstay.

“We just need to confirm where,” added Tatarka, who as of Monday was still waiting to hear from the City of Dillon’s administration on whether the ongoing street and sidewalk work in the area will allow for the Dillon Farmers Market to happen Saturday at its planned location, on the block of South Washington Street adjacent to the east side of Jaycee Park.

“Theoretically, that is where it will be happening again,” said Tatarka of a location that allows shoppers to keep an eye on their kids and grandkids playing in the Jaycee Park splash pad and playground.

“But in reality, we don’t think that will be happening there this Saturday,” added Tatarka, who said she was still waiting to hear back from the City of Dillon administration on the situation as of Monday evening, when the new sidewalks along South Washington still looked a ways off from being done.

“If South Washington Street location is not ready, we will ask if we can be on South Pacific Street, like we were last year when they started tearing up South Washington Street,” recalled Tatarka, of the one-block sojourn east the market made for awhile last summer to escape the noise and dust kicked up by street work.

Though it features a new board of directors, many of the frontline people associated most closely with the Dillon Farmers Market will also remain in place for 2022.

“You will see very similar vendors and familiar faces that you’ve seen at the Farmers Market in years past,” vowed Tatarka, herself a vendor for the past four years at the market, where she runs a booth with her daughter Kathleen that offers specialty baked goods and goodies as good as you can find anywhere.

“Kathleen and I wanted to do something together. Once we got into it, we just grew to love that market. We think it brings a lot to this community. It highlights and showcases so many local folks with a lot of talents,” said Tatarka, who became Dillon Farmers Market board president after former board president, Katie Bump, retired, along with several other longtime board members.

“We had a group of amazing ladies who were on Dillon Farmers Market board for a decade,” said Tatarka of a group that included Bump, Brenda Hawk and Kim Nye, among others.

“We are excited to see what the future brings and really hope people will come out to support it,” said Tatarka of a market founded in 2003 through the efforts of Ann Haggett and Glenna King.

“They thought it might be a fun thing to do, to have a Farmers Market where people could meet and exchange vegetables they’d grown in their gardens,” said Bump, one of the leading practitioners of growing your own food in the often challenging conditions of Dillon.

“In 2011, things got quite a bit more busy at the market, so we organized it as a nonprofit. We have an all-volunteer board,” added Bump, who up until recently had been a member of that board since its founding, but had been searching for someone to turn over the reins of the board to for years—a leadership role that Tatarka took on, with an eye to continuing to promote local producers.

“Our vendors put their heart and soul into what they do,” said Tatarka of a group that currently numbers 14, but which could grow on any given Saturday.

“We’ll take a new vendor, even on a Saturday morning,” said Tatarka of a relatively simple application process that will involve going through Market Master Molly Kirkham

“We’ll provide a spot. The vendor will need to bring the rest,” added Tatarka of a roster of items that should at least include a display table and products to sell.

The Twin Bridges Farmer Market employs a similar, open-door policy for vendors who would like to join the group that has been meeting 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturdays since the start of June.

“We accept new vendors all the time,” said Corree Martin, manager of the Twin Bridges Market that’s been around since 1976.

“Crafts, home-based businesses— we’re pretty open to everybody,” said Martin of a market with booths in Main Street City Park, by the Old Hotel, which adds a Donut of the Week to the market’s many offerings that also include artesian breads, flowers, freshground coffee, crafts and, starting July 9, goods from Hutterite vendors..

For more information about the Twin Bridges Farmers Market, call 406-596-1978 or email TBMT.FM.HHFP@ gmail.com.

For more information about the Dillon Farmers Market, go to https:// dillonfarmersmarket.blogspot.com/.