Dillon boys roll to State A track and field title

J.P. Plutt
Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Terri Haverfield photo

The Dillon boys track and field team, behind the power boost of senior Treyton Anderson, claimed the third state title in track and field in school history. And it has been recent history. The departing seniors competed on a team when they were freshmen that tied for the state title with Laurel. Treyton Anderson, this year’s star with four gold medals, a silver and a bronze, competed that first year on the 4X400 gold medal relay team that scored the points that made that title possible.

“That was the main goal coming in was winning the team title,” said the BYU-bound Beaver. “All of the individual events are pretty cool, but I think everyone’s main goal on the stretch to the line was the team title. That’s the fun part is to win it with your friends and hang a banner.”

Dillon’s banner hanging-addicted track team felt robbed when COVID canceled the 2020 state meet. Jeremy Anderson, the current Dillon head coach but then assistant coach, said there was “No doubt that the Beavers that year would have won the state title.”

Last year, Dillon lost out on a dual versus Southwestern A foe Hamilton for the title and finished second, one slot below that required to hang a banner in B.W. Lodge Gymnasium that would memorialize the team forever. This year though, gold. Banner. Fire truck ride. Goal set, mission accomplished.

Treyton Anderson tallied gold medals in both hurdle races, tying a state record in the 110 hurdles at 14.40 in the heat races Friday, and then taking gold by a wide margin in 14.41. He added a gold in the 400 meters, the most exciting final on the track, and a gold with Eli Nourse, Treyton Graham, and Kee Christiansen, to open Saturday’s excitement. In the late afternoon 100 meter final on Saturday, Anderson injured his right hip and finished third. Later, he placed second in the 200 and again reached for the hip as he crossed the finish line in 22:04, passing Troy Andersen on the BCHS records list in the process.

“That was crazy, that was super fun,” said Anderson of his battle with teammate Treyton Graham, a junior, in the 400. “In the last 100, he was quite a ways ahead of me. I just kept my form and I just barely passed him.”

Treyton Graham ran the race of his early career to threaten for the gold and earn a solid silver and 8 team points for the Beavers.

“I try to get out as fast as I can and then when I hit the corner he’ll usually pass me and I just try to stay with him for the whole race,” said Graham. “I felt good the first 300 and I was almost able to carry it through, but he got me right at the end.”

Graham added a third place in the 300 hurdles and helped the short relay to gold.

The short relay was exciting and to some fans, may have been a bigger highlight than the 400 final. In the preliminaries on Friday, Laurel edged Dillon at the finish line. In the final, the Beavers were the underdog heading to the blocks with a plan of giving Kee Christiansen as big a lead as possible for the final leg as he would be facing off against Laurel’s Jakob Webinger, the fastest athlete in Montana high school track in 2022.

The plan worked with Eli Nourse handing off to Graham, who handed it off to Anderson, who gave the baton to Christiansen with a solid lead. Christiansen maintained the lead to the finish with Webinger closing fast and appearing to take a late lead, but Christiansen worked an all-time BCHS lean at the line the steal the gold medal.

Dillon senior Holter Santos hit for silver in the triple jump with a school record jump and bronze in the long jump to tally 14 critical team points for the Beaver effort.

The Beavers were also boosted with silver medals from senior Connor Curnow in the javelin, and Callahan Hoffman in the discus.

Caden Hansen, a junior, hit a personal best to tie for fourth in the high jump and score three team points, and sophomore Kyle Jones scored a team point with a sixth in the javelin.

Due to space and time limitations, the 2022 BCHS track and field story will continue in greater depth next week.

Montana State A Track and Field Meet Charlie Merrifield Track, Butte

Boys team scores: Dillon 103, Hamilton 91, Whitefish 57, Laurel 49, Corvallis 40.5, Frenchtown 32, Livingston 31, Libby 20, Columbia Falls 15.5, Sidney 13, Ronan 13, Butte Central 12, Lewistown 11.5, Glendive 8, Browning 6, East Helena 6, Hardin 6.

100 Meters – 1. Jakob Webinger, Laurel, 11.01 . 2. Carter White, Laurel, 11.14. 3. Treyton Anderson, Dillon, 11.16. 4. Tyson Bauder, Dillon, 11.24. 5T. Malaki Simpson, CFalls, 11.29. 5T. Jackson Whicker, Miles City, 11.29.

200 Meters – 1. Jakob Webinger, Laurel, 21.97. 2. Treyton Anderson, Dillon, 22.04. 3. Kaeden Sager, E. Helena, 22.41. 4. Beau Dantic, Laurel, 22.53. 5. Tanner Schwend, Laurel, 22.60. 6. Tyson Bauder, Hamilton, 22.67.

400 Meters – 1. Treyton Anderson, Dillon, 50.03. 2. Treyton Graham, Dillon, 50.39. 3. Gabe Menicke, Whitefish, 50.91. 4. Eli Taylor, Hamilton, 50.98. 5. Clay Oven, Billings Central, 51.16. 6. Kohbe Smith, Glendive, 51.22.

800 Meters – 1. Colter Kirkland, Hamilton, 1:55.35. 2. Lane Cole, Hamilton, 1:56.61. 3. Brinson Wyche, Corvallis, 1:58.33. 4. Tayjon Joe, Hardin, 1:59.09. 5. Derek Criddle, Corvallis, 2:02.30. 6. Gage Gunther, Miles City, 2:02.49.

1600 Meters – 1. Lane Cole, Hamilton, 4:25.25. 2. Brinson Wyche, Corvallis, 4:25.26. 3. Jeremy Bockus, Browning, 4:30.70. 4. Colter Kirkland, Hamilton, 4:34.15. 5. Tayjon Joe, Hardin, 4:34.40. 6. Caleb Tomac, Havre, 4:35.06.

3200 Meters – 1. Brinson Wyche, Corvallis, 10:01.06. 2. Lane Cole, Hamilton, 10:06.00. 3. Deneb Linton, Whitefish, 10:09.39. 4. Colter Purcell, Hamilton, 10:14.39. 5. Harrison Silverio, Hamilton, 10:16.53. 6. Caleb Tomac, Haavre, 10:25.34.

110m Hurdles - 1. Treyton Anderson, Dillon, 14.41. 2. Wesley Tschacher, Laurel, 15.73. 3. Bodie Smith, Whitefish, 15.88. 4. Aiden Read, Corvallis, 15.96. 5. Brody Hardy, FTown, 16.00. 6. Gage Norslien, Lewistown, 16.10.

300m Hurdles – 1. Treyton Anderson, Dillon, 39.49. 2. Bodie Smith, Whitefish, 40.70. 3. Treyton Graham, Dillon, 41.59. 4. Gage Norslien, Lewistown, 41.62. 5. Rueben Couture, Ronan, 42.17. 6. Wesley Tschacher, Laurel, 42.32.

4x100 Relay – 1.Dillon (Eli Nourse, Treyton Graham, Treyton Anderson, Kee Christiansen), 42.63. 2. Laurel (Tanner Schwend, Beau Dantic, Cameron McAllister, Jakob Webinger), 42.65. 3. Frenchtown (Garrett Schmill, Nate Olson, Evan Ellington, Carter White), 43.50. 4. Hamilton (Tyson Bauder, Max Cianflone, Tyson Rostad, Eli Taylor), 43.51. 5. CFalls (Adler Waters, Malaki Simpson, Adam Schrader, Jace Duval), 43.51. 6. Livingston (Drew Rogge, Payton Kokot, Tyler Grenier, Carter Bartz), 44.30.

4x400 Relay – 1. Corvallis (Rauly Jessop, Gideon Boswell, Aiden Read, Derek Criddle), 3:27.01. 2. Hamilton (Eli Taylor, Lane Cole, Max Cianflone, Colter Kirkland), 3:27.15. 3. CFalls (Malaki Simpson, Finley Sundberg, Adam Schrader, Jace Duval), 3:27.86. 4. Whitefish (Bodie Smith, Barrett Garcia, Gabe Lund, Gabe Menicke), 3:27.91. 5. Frenchtown (Evan Ellington, Dillon Warner, Brady Schmill, Garrett Schmill), 3:30.30. 6. Dillon (Caden Hansen, Treyton Graham, Gavin Garrison Max Davis), 3:30.69.

Shot Put – 1. Talon Holmquist, Whitefish, 57-08.50. 2. Cy Stevenson, Libby, 48-09.00. 3. Kevin Hanenburg, FTown, 47-07.00. 4. Max Eaton, Glendive, 47-02.50. 5. Beau Boudreaux, FTown, 46-11.50. 6. Andrew Burrows, Hamilton, 46-10.50.

Discus - 1. Andrew Burrows, Hamilton, 166-09. 2. Callahan Hoffman, Dillon, 158-09. 3. Talon Holmquist, Whitefish, 147-10. 4. Sean Zimmer, Lewistown, 145-06. 5. Chase Waters, Sidney, 143-05. 6. Riley Gelling, Butte Central, 136-10.

Javelin – 1. Jerome Entz, Sidney, 163-00. 2. Connor Curnow, Dillon, 159-06. 3. Bryce Dunham, CFalls, 159-00. 4. Kellan Beller, Stevi, 155-06. 5. Matt Golick, Lewistown, 155-03. 6. Kyle Jones, Dillon, 154-11.

High Jump – 1. Payton Cates, Ronan, 6-02.00. 2. Payton Kokot, Livingston, 6-00.00. 3. Trey Andersen, Libby, 6-00.00. 4T. Caden Hansen, Dillon, 6-00.00. 4T. Kyle Holter, Butte Central, 6-00.00. 6T. Derek Criddle, Corvallis, 5-10.00. 6T. Kyler Fleming, Lewistown, 5-10.00.

Pole Vault – 1. Taylor Searle, Hamilton, 14-06.00. 2. Carter Bartz, Livingston, 14-00.00. 3. Dawson Rose, Libby, 13-00.00. 4T. Andrew Carmody, Hamilton, 13-00.00. 4T. Cole Storlie, Glendive, 13-00.00. 6. Aden Graves, Sidney, 13-00.00.

Long Jump – 1. Payton Kokot, Livingston, 22-07.00. 2. Kyle Holter, Butte Central, 21-05.75. 3. Holter Santos, Dillon, 21-04.00. 4. Carter White, FTown, 21-02.75. 5. Clay Oven, Billings Central, 20-11.75. 6. Bodie Smith, Whitefish, 20-08.75.

Triple Jump – 1. Gabe Menicke, Whitefish, 46-10.75. 2. Holter Santos, Dillon, 45-06.00. 3. Dayrion Beard, Laurel, 43-09.00. 4. Payton Kokot, Livingston, 43-06.00. 5. Carter White, FTown, 43-00.00. 6. Payton Cates, Ronan, 42-07.00.