Concerns and possible solutions for Jaycee Park

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

An anonymous sign recently appeared at Jaycee Park. Courtesy photo

Dog waste droppings have increased in the Park, and need more than weekly attention. I have been angered by this violation and disrepect, but the anger hurt me physically, so I have resolved to do this as my act of care, regardless of the lack of appreciation by thoughtless dog walkers.

The following is a list of ideas and suggestions only:

• Clustering of the new picnic tables on the east side of the Park has increased the mess all along the fence line; people sit at tables, dogs loose to wander, and the expensive new sod is showing signs of the abuse of dog poop. Overflowing trash container, carelessly stuffed and carefully unstuffed by creative ravens has really upped the need for daily emptying. Perhaps the trash container at the opening of the play park could be moved forward, closer to tables on the south side of the pad.

• Help from the City and Law Enforcement might be useful. Three suggestions:

1) Printed handouts (even taped in plastic to tables or posted on east fence) cautioning dog owners of city ordinances and possible fine for carelessness (ref: 6.04.050/6.04.240/6.04.230, attached). Official law backup may have authority that my letters to the editor and notes in the papers and water bills aren’t providing at present, as welcome as they are. (Note: it’s easier to pick up paper flyers than dog poop.)

2) Ordinances without consequences are ineffectual, so I suggest the Park be on the driving route of surveillence by officers when not interfering with official calls. Photos of offenders might happen occasionally this way and result in either warnings or required fines. This should be printed in the Tribune as law law enforcement work in Dillon.

3) 3D store prints plastic signs (9x12 or so) that could be posted on the fences and/or doggie bag posts, with wording like, Pets on leash only failure to clean up after dogs can carry a fine. These cost only $15 apiece.

• This one is more than a suggestion; it’s a serious request: Before the Park was built I pressured District 10 to put doggie bag posts in the Park; they did so and it didn’t break their budget, obviously. It would help to have a third post in the southwest section of the Park near the picnic tables and trash container, as many visitors seem to stop to use that area, and visitors will only increase as the summer progresses.

• Video cameras on light posts.

• Concerning the idea of fencing; no, the high fencing off of the Park would be counterproductive. What about a low two-foot post/with low chains to delineate the Park as more of a garden spot? It would require grant money, but might present the Park as a haven and not a pet friendly area.

• When events are advertised at the Park, wording should include: Please leave your beloved dogs at home. Thoughtless dog walkers have created a health and safety issue for our children, adults and guests. Thank you for your help and understanding.

• Ways of saying “Dogs not welcome” could be discussed by Park Committee.

• Impractical? maybe, but Pooper Scoopers, clearly marked For Park Use Only, attached to the doggie bag posts. They may get nicked but might help, too.

• Friends of the Park have a big investment and need to be included in all considerations of protection.

• Engage Dillon Tribune; ask for more coverage and photos. They have been cooperative in the past, I found. The Dillonite Daily are great supporters.

• Poster contest for children to engage them in this.

• I am going to be 89 in October and can’t guarantee long-term cleanup efforts at Jaycee Park. I hope that new ideas, commitment to protecting this jewel will be considered and undertaken. If not, the neglect will tarnish and spoil what has been so beautifully developed for Dillon.

Thank you,

Val Neeley