City of Dillon waterline project update

M.P. Regan
Wednesday, May 4, 2022

With all of the moisture the past few days, the waterline replacement project in downtown Dillon ground to a standstill. J.P. Plutt photo

Work on replacing the aging waterline and its accessories running beneath parts of downtown Dillon continued about as expected over the past week.

Which is to say with some delays caused by the discovery of the unexpected.

“It went pretty well, but we’re still coming across a lot of mysteries,” said Kipp Shumway, general manager of Mungus Company, the company performing most of the on-the-ground and under-the-ground work for the multimillion dollar, multi-year project to replace thousands of feet of waterline, some installed around a century ago.

“We found stuff—a lot of valves—that were really old and didn’t work so well. So, we had to shut off the water for awhile and get it tied into our stuff,” said Shumway, whose workers have set up hundreds of feet of temporary water lines stretching over the surface of city streets and sidewalks to keep water flowing to residents and businesses.

“We put a bunch of crossings out, but inevitably there will be some trip hazards out there, so keep your head up, look up from your cell phone,” advised Shumway of those navigating through areas with the blue and yellow temporary water lines, and mounds of dirt.

“Helena Street is bored underneath,” said Shumway of a portion of the project his crews wrapped up over the past week—hundreds of feet of direct drilling to connect new water mainlines on both sides of Helena Street, on Washington and Idaho streets.

“We will still be finishing up Virginia Street this week on both sides of Idaho. After that, we plan the week after next to tear up a second block of Idaho,” said Shumway of the block just south of the one running past City Hall.

Shumway said the 2021–22 Waterline Replacement Project is still on course to wrap up its work in downtown Dillon in mid-June.