Chancellor welcomes students for new academic year

Beth Weatherby
Wednesday, August 26, 2020


Welcome, everyone, to the start of a new academic year at th University of Montana Western, one of the most innovative universities in the nation.

We have heard our students loud and clear. Unless they ar enrolled in our excellent distance learning programs, they want to be here on campus in Dillon, having as rich a college experience as possible. The success of this return to campus will depend on all of us committing to what we are calling “The Bulldog Way.”

The Bulldog Way

We want you to come to campus with the mindset that Montan Western, and our surrounding community, is your second hom and we are family. We are a pack– and we protect and watch ou for each other.

Promote safety the Bulldog Way, which means we each do our part to keep the pack healthy:

1. Wear a face covering at all times when indoors and when you cannot socially distance outside.

2. We encourage you to remain close to campus and within the community for the duration of the semester. By limiting trips outside the area, we can help keep the pack safe.

3. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water and use hand sanitizer.

4. Take your temperature every day before you come to work or class.

5. Maintain physical distancing between others of at least 6 feet.

6. Cover your cough and sneeze.

7. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.

8. Do not attend class if you are sick and get medical care if necessary. Contact your instructor to let them know you will be missing class due to illness and to make arrangements for accessing course materials/assignments online.

9. If you are contacted by Beaverhead County Public Health, please participate in testing and contact tracing to ensure the safety of the Bulldog Pack.

10. Keep your clothing, belongings and personal space clean.

Our Experience One program, where students take one course at a time and are fully immersed in their studies, delivers experiential learning in a focused, engaged, and supportive learning environment. By committing to the Bulldog Way, you can help your fellow students get the very most out of their education at Montana Western and show how much we care about our friends, neighbors and generous community supporters.

Welcome to the pack! Best wishes for a great year.

Best wishes for a great year.