Beaverhead County rural schools hold science fair

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

On a typical year, the Rural Science Fair is held at the University of Montana Western. It is a fun and crazy day. Students, teachers, judges, and parents and other family members fill the arena. Students nervously await their judging times as they stand by the tables of display boards and experiments. Judges move from table to table, listening intently to presentations explaining the hypothesis, procedures, results, and conclusions. They ask questions and mark their score sheets. Those judged curl up under the tables to read, play with a toy, or chat with the neighboring competitor until the announcement of the awards.

Even with restrictions on crowd-size and other Pandemic factors, the 2021 Rural Science Fair occurred two weeks ago. Area schools participating were: Alder, Divide, Grant, Jackson, Melrose, Polaris, Reichle, Wisdom, and Wise River. Judges waited in break out rooms for students to enter and share their boards and experiments virtually in Zoom sessions from their schools or homes. In all, 86 entries from kindergarten through eighth grade were presented and judged over three days. It wasn’t a typical Science Fair, but students were able to go through the scientific process and share their discoveries. Thanks to all of the volunteers who judged, and to Dani Peterson from Wisdom, who organized and managed the fair.

The awards assembly was held on March 16, also by Zoom. Here are the results:

BIOLOGY: Kindergarten – 1, Kimber Anderson, Wise River. 2, A. J. Lewis, Alder.3, Jamie Gooch, Alder. Grade 1-2: 1, Riker Malkovich and Catie Jo Ullom, Jackson. 2, Ally Tarter, Reichle. 3, Avery Tetrault, Alder. Grade 3-4: 1, Clementine Regan, Reichle. 2, Raelynn Tash, Polaris. 3, Jesse Butler, Wise River. Grade 5-6: 1, Leneva Miller, Polaris. 2, Lily Cote, Wise River. Grade 7-8: 1, Briar Huffaker, Polaris.

CHEMICAL: Kindergarten – 1, Charlie Rowberry, Alder. Grade 1-2 – 1, Luke Schmidlin, Grant. 2, Joshua Hayden, Divide. 3, Emily Geary, Jackson. Grade 3-4 – 1, Thatcher Baird, Wise River. 2, Layne Burk and Reagan Rieber, Reichle. 3 (tie) - Tiffany Champlin, Melrose and Dace Cook, Divide. Grade 5-6 –1, Callie Tash, Polaris. 2, Kelly Webster, Reichle. 3, Ashlyn Burk, Reichle. Grade 7-8 – 1, Cole Webster, Reichle. 2, Darrell Lewis, Wisdom. 3, Kanin Englehardt, Wise River.

EARTH/SPACE: Grades 1-2 – 1, Kristian Rieber, Reichle. 2, Eoin Davis, Alder. 3, Jeff Rhodes, Reichle. Grade 5-6 – 1, Morgan Heiland, Jackson. 2, Wyatt Adam, Divide.

LIFE: Grade 1-2 – 1, Reed Rowberry, Alder. 2, Charley Child, Wisdom. Grade 3-4 – 1, Sage Rhodes, Reichle. 2, Clayton Cleveland, Wise River. 3, Fiona Imelli, Polaris. Grade 5-6 – 1, Ean Field, Melrose. Grade 7-8 – 1, Emily Miller, Melrose.

PHYSICAL: Kindergarten – 1, Elizabeth Rosenlund, Alder. 2, Ruby Birch, Alder. 3, Ledger Richman, Alder. Grade 1-2 – 1, Anaiah Davis, Alder. 2 (tie), Cason Geary, Jackson and Weston Todd, Alder. Grade 3-4 – 1, Kingston Hansen, Polaris. 2, Ian Davis, Alder . 3, Jaiden Voll, Alder. Grade 5-6 – 1, Kyler Englehardt, Wise River. 2, Rowdy Root, Alder. 3, Maggie Baker, Alder. Grade 7-8 – 1, Winston McKee, Polaris. 2, William Schonsberg, Wise River.

TECHNOLOGY: Kindergarten – 1, Cor Peck, Polaris. 2, Tabor Calton and Oliver Stevenson, Wisdom. Grade 1-2 – 1, Tyler Lyndes, Wisdom. Grade 7-8 – 1. Keegan Breitzman, Divide.

YOUNG INVENTOR: Grade 3-4 – 1, Cooper Miller, Polaris. 2, Jessalyn Kluvers, Polaris. Grade 5-6 – 1, Emma Stein, Jackson.