Beaverhead County HS bus users: mask optional

Casey S. Elliott
Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Beaverhead County High School bus riders are not required to wear masks on buses at the start of the school year, though that may change depending on the coronavirus pandemic.

Other virus mitigation practices will be in effect, however, and busing will be limited to students living outside the Dillon city limits for now. Mask use is encouraged.

Riders will have assigned seats for the year, and must sit one person to a seat (unless they live in the same household). Seating will be on alternating seats. Students will be screened for COVID-19 before entering the bus, and those with signs or symptoms of the virus will not be allowed to ride and must return home and report that to the school.

After school programs will be suspended (such as dance, tutoring, YMCA programs) and students will need to find alternate modes of transportation for those. Drivers will sweep and disinfect buses after the morning route; hand sanitizer will be readily available, and bus windows will be open (weather permitting) to allow for air circulation.

Bus drivers are also not required to wear masks, though they are encouraged to do so. Personal protective equipment will be available.