Be wary of April 1 claims

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

To the editor,

Wow! Can you believe that tomorrow is April 1st? Time flies! With such a trying last year it is so important that we take time to smile and laugh. Here are some April Fool’s facts.

57 million dollars was spent on a study why some buffalo don’t roam but just seem to mosey around. This study took ten years. Some say the taxpayers got buffaloed.

45 million dollars was spent on an investigation and a study where Dr. Pepper received his Doctor degree. It was discovered that Dr. Pepper was and is an impostor. Many authorities said he should be put on ice.

37 million dollars was spent on a study showing people with bad breath are far superior to people with no breath. Many have criticized this study and said the entire study stinks.

47 million and fifteen cents was spent on a study that found out the majority of people who live on a dead end street are actually alive.

38 million was spent on another study. Why is it if you talk to yourself, they say funny things about you, but if you sing by yourself you are very artistic person and a happy person. Part of this study was done in a shower.

39 million was spent on a study if it rains on your parade what should you do? The main conclusion was either buy an umbrella or get out of the rain. Many of the scientists wanted to know what kind of parade they were studying.

65 million was done on the study,“If opportunity knocks what should you do?” The main conclusion was if opportunity knocks that means the door bell doesn’t work.

There were many other studies but for a fee of $ 257.00 dollars the entire list will be sent to you. Remember and don’t forget Have a fun April First.

LaVon Brillhart