BCHS girls showing early strength with second track title

J.P. Plutt
Wednesday, April 7, 2021

The Dillon girls won their second straight track and field meet to open the season and the boys were fourth at the Gene Hughes Invitational last Thursday in Hamilton. A freshman infusion has lifted the girls to two dominant performances, while the boys added and lost performers from week one, but continue to score at a high level.

“I was pretty excited about our performances,” said Dillon coach Jeremy Anderson. “We’re still not at full strength, which is exciting. When we get our full arsenal put together, we’re going to be even stronger.”

The meet drew 15 teams to Hamilton on a warm day with strong winds.

“As you look at times across the board and even in the jumps, we were dealing with a sizeable head wind,” said the coach. “A lot of the marks weren’t specatcular, so it was more about going out and competing.”

A freshman presence on the girls’ side has elevated Dillon’s scoring total to meet winning totals while Dillon’s likely top scorer remains sidelined as a precaution against injuries. Ainsley Shipman, a junior, led Dillon to the runner-up position on the team trophy side as a freshman at the state meet with firsts in both hurdles races, a silver in a school record long jump, and ran a leg on a fourth place long relay team to account for 32 team points.

“Ainsley is dealing with a minor injury,” explained Anderson. “Our philosophy is to take things in stride as we go throughout the early season. It is nothing to be concerned about, we just held her out more as a precaution. She is going to be a big part of what we do and she is a leader in a lot of different ways, so her contributions toward the end of the season are what is going to matter.”

Stepping in as impact freshman are Sydney Petersen, Hailey Powell, and Quincee Anderson.

“Sydney Petersen is our second athlete to automatically qualify for the state track meet,” said Anderson of the freshman’s second place in the 300 hurdles with a state qualifying time of 48.45. “She’s a great competitor and every time she steps to the line, you know she is going to be able to produce.”

Petersen added a sixth in the 100 meters, and ran legs on both second place relay teams.

Hailey Powell, yet another fab frosh, has added energy to the distance crew. She ran to second place finishes in both the 800 and 1,600 meters, and ran a leg on the silver medal winning long relay team.

Quincee Anderson, the coaches daughter and yet another fab frosh, contributed a third place in the 300 hurdles and a fifth in the triple jump.

Dillon senior Madalen Shipman returned to action and won the 400 meters, and ran legs on both second place relay teams. Shipman starred in all three events as a sophomore. As a senior, she opened the fall in cross country as a top runner but missed state with leg injuries.

Zoey Morast, a sophomore, joined the youth movement with a second in the triple jump and a fifth in the long jump. Bri Williams, another sophomore, placed fifth in the 300 hurdles.

Junior Natalie Bush is emerging as a multi-event scorer for Dillon. She placed third in the 800, second in the high jump and ran a leg on the long relay. Lauren Petersen, a junior, placed fourth in the 100 hurdles, and ran the lead-off leg on the short relay team.

Michelle Mosher, a junior, is helping Dillon’s distance crew become a relevant scoring presence for the team. Mosher placed second in the 3,200 and fourth in the 1,600.

“Getting points from our distance crew is going to be a big part of our success down the stretch,” said Anderson. Anderson attributes the enthusiasm to new distance coach Kelsi Lasota, a successful distance runner at both Montana State and Boise State. “Her personality in how she interacts with the kids and the passion she brings for running has been electrifying for the students to have a mentor like that.”

Senior Kathryn Rondeau put Dillon on the boards in the weights with a fifth place in the discus.

On the boys side, the varsity was missing a number of performers for a variety of reasons, but the return of sprinter Treyton Anderson, sparked the sprint crew. Anderson flashed his speed during football with a number of long kickoff returns and he showed the speed was legitimate at Hamilton with firsts in both the 100 and 200 meter sprint races and a leg on the third place long relay team.

“He is just back from injury after a long indoor season, so we brought him along a little slower than we ordinarily would have,” said the coach.

Eli Nourse, a sophomore, blazed to third in the 100 meters and he runs the lead off on both relay teams.

Ben Steadman added a fifth place in the 3,200 and freshman Jon Peterson cleared 9-6 for fourth in the pole vault.

“We were missing quite a few pieces on the boys side,” said the Dillon coach. “We’re not even close to full strength at this point of the season. Right now we’re trying to see where our kids will fit and where they can be most effective for us.”

The Dillon track and field program will compete at the Frenchtown Invitational on Saturday. Coach Anderson is looking forward to seeing teams from the Northwestern A.

Gene Hughes Invitational at Hamilton, April 1

Girls’ team scores – Dillon 103, Corvallis 85, Hamilton 85, Frenchtown 53, Stevensville 38, Charlo 38, Polson 34, St Ignatius 28, Anaconda 24, Darby 14, Arlee 12, Ronan 6, Victor 2, Florence-Carlton 2.

Event champions and Dillon place winners:

100 Meters – 1. Cora Pesanti, Anaconda, 13.64. 6. Sydney Petersen, Dillon, 14.14.

200 Meters – 1. Carlee Fryberger, Charlo, 27.96.

400 Meters – 1. Madalen Shipman, Dillon, 1:04.50.

800 Meters – 1. Abigail Sherwood, Frenchtown, 2:37.12. 2. Hailey Powell, Dillon, 2:37.94. 3. Natalie Bush, Dillon, 2:38.78.

1600 Meters – 1. Abigail Sherwood, Frenchtown, 5:53.03. 2. Hailey Powell, Dillon, 5:58.00. 4. Mikelle Mosher, Dillon, 6:12.00.

3200 Meters – 1. Brynnli Poulsen, Hamilton, 12:04.89. 2. Mikelle Mosher, Dillon, 13:25.65.

100m Hurdles – 1. Carlee Fryberger, Charlo, 16.78. 4. Lauren Petersen, Dillon, 18.89.

300m Hurdles – 1. Carlee Fryberger, Charlo, 48.37. 2. Sydney Petersen, Dillon, 48.45. 3. Quincee Anderson, Dillon, 51.75. 5. Bri Williams, Dillon, 56.27a.

4x100 Relay – 1.Anaconda, 52.66. 2. Dillon (Lauren Petersen, Sydney Petersen, Jordyn Walker, Madalen Shipman), 52.77.

4x400 Relay – 1.Corvallis, 4:21.27. 2.Dillon (Sydney Petersen, Natalie Bush, Hailey Powell Madalen Shipman), 4:22.48.

Shot Put – 1. Madison Lewis, Corvallis, 37-02.00.

Discus – 1. Katelyn Dickemore, Hamilton, 124-07.50. 5. Kathryn Rondeau, Dillon, 92-06

Javelin – 1. Katelyn Dickemore, Hamilton, 117-00.

High Jump – 1. Camas Crattey, Hamilton, 4-10.00. 2. Natalie Bush, Dillon, 4-08.00.

Pole Vault – 1. Kailen Herbstritt, Corvallis, 9-06.00.

Long Jump – 1. Ashton Lewis, Stevensville, 15-11.50. 5. Zoey Morast, Dillon, 14-04.00.

Triple Jump – 1. Sydney Brander, St. Ignatius, 32-01.00. 2. Zoey Morast, Dillon, 31-11.00. 5. Quincee Anderson, Dillon, 30-01.00.

Gene Hughes Invitational at Hamilton, April 1

Boys’ team scores – Frenchtown 161 Hamilton 118, Ronan 70, Polson 47, Dillon 38 Florence-Carlton 23, Corvallis 20 St Ignatius 17, Stevensville 11, Granite 7, Arlee 7, Deer Lodge 2.

Event champions and Dillon place winners:

100 Meters – 1. Treyton Anderson, Dillon, 12.04. 3. Eli Nourse, Dillon, 12.23.

200 Meters – 1. Treyton Anderson, Dillon, 23.56.

400 Meters – 1. Colter Kirkland, Hamilton, 53.19.

800 Meters – 1. Lane Cole, Hamilton, 2:03.34.

1600 Meters – 1. Colter Purcell, Hamilton,4:45.78.

3200 Meters – 1. Brant Heiner, Ronan, 10:11.14. 5. Ben Steadman, Dillon, 11:08.16.

110m Hurdles – 1. Sean Rody, Frenchtown, 18.57.

300m Hurdles – 1. Jarrett Wilson, Polson, 43.76.

4x100 Relay – 1. Frenchtown, 44.94.

4x400 Relay – 1.Hamilton, 3:35.85. 3. Dillon (Eli Nourse, Caden Hansen, Cayden Sevalstad, Treyton Anderson), 3:40.51.

Shot Put - 1. Tyler Burrows, Hamilton, 46-01.00.

Discus - 1. Tyler Burrows, Hamilton, 142-07.

Javelin -1. Dylan Kelch, Ronan, 150-06.

High Jump – 1. Payton Cates, Ronan, 6-02.00.

Pole Vault – 1. Jack Ellis, Hamilton, 10-06.00. 4. Jon Peterson, Dillon, 9-06.00.

Long Jump – 1. Carter White, Frenchtown, 19-10.00.

Triple Jump – 1. Cale White, Frenchtown, 41-00.00.