Baffling actions

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

To the editor,

I am baffled by the way so many Republicans want to portray themselves as foolish, naive imbeciles and the Democrats as super smart geniuses.

Never before have I seen a political party insist that its own members are drooling morons and its opponents are super geniuses, but that is the narrative many Republicans have been selling since November 2020. Suddenly, according to them, in this one single election the Democrats became super clever at stealing votes and the Republicans were too damn dumb to stop it or even prove it happened afterward.

I do have friends who tell me there is proof online. I know that everything in the internet is true, because I heard so on the internet, but there is nothing about it yet in the public arena. Biden is still in the White House, and well over 100 court cases alleging voter fraud brought by Trump and his allies have been dismissed or thrown out of court. Most of the judges overturning these cases are Trump-era appointees. These appointees, on the Supreme Court and elsewhere, have had no hesitation making conservative decisions and anti-abortion laws, gun rights, immigration, etc., but have turned down every election fraud case brought by the ex-president who appointed them. Wow! The Democrats had to be really, really smart to arrange that.

Personally, based on my own experiences with members of both parties, I don’t think the Democrats are that smart or the Republicans that stupid.

David K. Bandelier Dillon