2019 Year in Review – Deaths

Wednesday, January 1, 2020


Items that did not appear in the 2018 Year in Review.

Joy Muggenburg, Aug. 30, 2016. John Joseph Winterrowd, November 7. Edna Blomquist, November

17. Chuck Davis, December 20. Theodore Wayne Nichols, December 21. Owen Daniel Shively, December 22. William C. Curry, December

25. Chester M. Crichfield, December 28. June Willey Herman, December 28. Donald Harvey Jones, December 31.


Thomas Maxon Hunter, January 3. Donna Mae Babcock, No Date Given. Dave G. Dubois Jr., No Date Given. JoAnn Thomas Hatfield, January 17. Choice Ewing Schwyn, No Date Given. Nancy Lynn Bradford, No Date Given. Oliver Calvin Smith, January 21. Frances “Babe” Coleman Malesich, January 22. Timothy Wayne Huckstep, January 29. Bobbie Osterloth, No Date Given. Janette Bassett Dennis, No Date Given. Vivian Marie Womack, No Date Given. Jack Champine, January 30. Ronald Dean Mendenhall, January 31.


Darlene Rae (McClure) Nelson, No Date Given. Larry Grant Clark, February 7. Edith Marion Zink, February 9. Ronald Edward Rebish, February 14. Bonnie Jean Sheriff, February 16. Kenneth Eugene Munson, February 18. Kale Edwin Kivenen, February 19. Faye Joanne Westad, February 20. Michael Everett Johnson, February 23. Nora Everly Becklund, No Date Given. Harold Joseph Halverson, No Date Given. Charles Henry Hale Jr., February 28.


Diane Pope Briggs, March 1. William A. Richmond, March

1. Walter “Jack” Smith, March

2. Norman Dee Newman, No Date Given. Jack Weldon Booth, No Date Given. Charles David Hulet, March

4. Sheryn R. Kittel, March 6. Maralyn Alice Kailey, March

8. Richard “Dick” Schuenemann, March 10. John Michael Mootry, March

10. Shirley Mae Harr, March 11. Sally Hester Clawson, No Date Given. Mary Jo Wenger Waldemar, March 21. Audrey Beryl (Remely) Roberts, March 24. Dixie E. Mischiara, March 27.


Loren “Lee” Eberline, April

7. Patsy Ruth Fulford Norris, April 10. Josephine Olivas Fuentes, No Date Given. Franklin D. Huckins, April

14. James Wilson Tenney, April

18. Terry Ray Weskamp, No Date Given. Dr. David Bruce Mitchell, April 19. Ralph R. Ross, April 19. Delores L. (Sprinkle) Rowe, April 20. Elizabeth (Brenner) Younggren, April 27. Willowdean Lucille Barnes, No Date Given. George Edward Jenkins III, No Date Given. Leroy James Owen, April 29.


Janet Joyce McLees, May 1. Russell J. Fisk, May 3. John Richard “Dick” Roberts, May 7. Lawrence Edward Pabich, May 17. Lindy M. Walker, May 19. Carson Robert Eva, May 20. Clemence Marcelline Siebert, May 21. Joyce Marie Ferguson, May

22. Daniel “Danny” Martin Mc-Grath, May 25.


Jaques Bluett, June 5. Marilyn Vivian Miller Evans, June 10. Robert Smith Young, June 22. Daniel Ralph Podunovich, No Date Given. Carl O. Luce, June 23. Eddie Leonard Waldemar, June 25.


Betty Spehar Hanson, No Date Given. Joyce Hirschy McDowell, July 14. Sidney Benjamin Philp Sr., No Date Given. David C. Bostwick, July 21. Annabelle Lutey Jacob, July



Arthur Hopkins, Aug. 4. Ileta Mae Dixon, Aug. 4. Norah Richardson Owen Elliott, Aug. 9. Mandla Zatcha, No Date Given. Youaleu-Mbomback, No Date Given. Gloria Winona Mantha, Aug.

10. Marvin Ray Tuffs, Aug. 11. Albert Trafalet, Aug. 16. Wayne Henry Contway, Aug.

22. Valora Joyce Null, No Date Given. Linda Leah Lee-Muntzer, Aug. 25. Robert “Lowell” Nelson, Aug. 26. Janice Elaine (Houk) Hamby, Aug. 30.


James David Marchesseault, Sept. 2. Lola Lorraine Reidelbach, No Date Given. Marianne Kinzel, Sept. 5. Mary Martha Jacques, n/a.

Paul Dale Zink, Sept. 10. Allen Dewey Bradley, No Date Given. Irwin Isidore Kirby, No Date Given. Truda Marie Crouse, No Date Given. Claudia Haines Karchut, No Date Given. Thomas Eugene Bullion, No Date Given. Sharon Case, No Date Given. Donna Lee DesRosier Spuhler, Sept. 13. Joseph Streeper, Sept. 13. Jason Voth Maisch, Sept. 22. Terrence J. Cox, Sept. 25. Addie Kathleen Foster Wilcox, Sept. 29.


Judy Hazelbaker, Oct. 1. Ann Reynolds, No Date Given. Joe Thomas Helle, Oct. 8. Cora LaVoie Hofferber, Oct. 11. Robert Louis Franczek, No Date Given. Nancy Kathleen Gowan, No Date Given. Jessie Mary Fauske, No Date Given. Kathryn Collene Graves, No Date Given. Bonnie Lynn Reed, No Date Given. Daralynn Dee Pidoborozny, No Date Given. Norman Earl Stubbs, Oct.

11. Timothy Shane Pierce, Oct.

14. Jerry “Buzz” Nyhart, Oct.

16. Curt Skeslien, Oct. 16. Doris Marie McLaughlin, Oct. 19. Judy Burns, No Date Given.


Logan Zachary Oswald, Nov. 5. Daniel M. Linscott, Nov. 7. Kenneth Dean Schira, Nov.

9. Ruby Lee Montie, Nov. 15. Ganel Gay Given, Nov. 17. Joshua Michael Leece, Nov.

21. Donna Mae Engelkes, No Date Given. John Lambert Eliel, Nov. 24. William A. Stender, Nov. 25. Anna Marie Allen, Nov. 30.


Dakota Martin Heard, Dec.

7. Judy Catherine Elaine Orta, No Date Given. Craig Martin Rehm, Dec.

15. Charles Monte Mort, Dec.

15. Clifford Marion Shipp, Dec. 18. Irma Louise Harrison, Dec.

19. Joe Francis Carroll, Dec. 21.