12th county resident dies of COVID

Casey S. Elliott
Wednesday, July 7, 2021

A man in his 80s died June 28 of the virus that causes COVID-19, public health officials said.

The man died in a Beaverhead County facility. There was no information given as to whether he was vaccinated to protect against the disease.

Vaccinations are also slowly increasing, matching state and national trends.

As of Tuesday, Beaverhead County listed 4,055 fully-immunized people (or 48% of the eligible population). That compares with 430,755 (47%) fully-vaccinated people statewide, and 157.3 million (47.4%) fully-vaccinated nationwide.

The state tallied 556 total COVID-variant cases as of June 24. Of those, the majority are from the United Kingdom strain (392), followed by the two California variants (95). The “Delta” variant (from India) is growing in presence in the state, with 18 cases so far. The Delta variant is now a variant of concern among epidemiologists due to its transmissibility and potential for more severe disease outcomes. Beaverhead County has seven variant cases – two each from the UK and California versions, and three from the Delta version.

Breakthrough cases – COVID-positive cases in fully-immunized residents – are also increasing. As of June 24, there were 300 total cases, with 31 of those leading to hospitalization and five deaths statewide.

The county added five new cases to its tally in the past couple of weeks, from individuals ranging in age from 0-9 to 90-99. As of Tuesday, there were no active and 928 total cases in the county. Montana added 610 cases and 13 deaths over the past couple of weeks, sitting at 113,951 total and 1,668 deaths as of Tuesday.

There are more than 33.5 million total COVID cases and over 603,000 deaths counted nationwide, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.