Weather Forecast, Events and Reminders

Friday: Temperatures will climb into the low 40s, with little chance of precipitation but plenty of melting snow.
Friday Night: HAZARDOUS DRIVING ALERT! Melted snow from the day will freeze as temperatures fall toward their overnight low in the mid-teens after midnight, with little chance of new snow and SW winds 5–15 mph.

Saturday: SSW winds of around 5 mph shifting to from the east in the late afternoon, when temperatures will peak in the mid-30s and the chance of precipitation will remain slight.
Saturday Night: HAZARDOUS DRIVING ALERT! Icy conditions likely to continue from melted snow re-freezing as temperatures drop well below freezing after dusk to a low in the mid-teens by dusk, with almost no chance of precipitation and light winds shifting back to from the southwest after dusk.

Sunday: High temperatures will approach 40 degrees in late afternoon, with little chance of precipitation and light SW winds.
Sunday Night: Temperatures declining into the 20s after dusk, as the chance of precipitation continues to remain near zero and light winds blow from SSW.

Oyster Feed Sat.

The annual Oyster Feed put on by the Southern Montana Shrine Club will take place on Saturday, March 10, starting at 4 p.m. in Elks Lodge #1554, which is located at 27 E. Center St. in downtown Dillon. The event will serve up oysters in a wide variety of ways, as well as raffles and auctions. A ticket to get in will go for a donation of $25 in advance or $30 at the door for an adult, and $10 per child aged 6–12. Anyone looking to donate an auction item should call 406-660-9833.

Walking School Bus restarting
The local Walking School Bus program will restart in March to give Dillon schoolchildren the option of enjoying an invigorating walk to school in the morning. The program is looking for volunteers to help shepherd children along two routes. To find a map of the routes, visit https://www.beaverheadtrails.org/walkingschool. Anyone wishing to volunteer or get more information for their children to participate can call Jamie Flynn at 683-3780 (note, the phone number sent out last week by Walking School Bus organizers and published by the Tribune was off by one number), email beaverheadtrails@gmail.com, or consult the Facebook page “Dillon, MT Walking School Bus”.