Friday: Slight chance of precipitation around dawn, when temperatures will begin to rise from a low in the mid-30s to a mid-afternoon high in the upper 40s, with SW winds throughout the day of 5–10 mph, with gusts into the teens.
Friday Night: Little chance of precipitation, as temperatures decline after dusk to a low around 23 degrees near dawn, and SW winds continue to blow 5–15 mph.

Saturday: Temperatures will rise from the below freezing at dawn to an afternoon high in the mid-40s, with little chance of precipitation and SW winds 5-10 mph.
Saturday Night: The chance of precipitation remains minimal as winds continue to blow from the southwest 5-10 mph and temperatures remain above freezing.

Sunday: Winds from the south all day 10-14 mph, with about a 20 percent chance of showers in the hours after dawn, when temperatures will begin to rise from a low of 39 to an afternoon high in the mid-50s.
Sunday Night: Temperatures will decline steadily after dusk to a low near freezing by dawn, when the chance of precipitation will peak at around 60 percent and winds of around 10 mph will shift from the south to from the southwest.

Battlefield reopens Fri.

The Big Hole National Battlefield visitor center in Wisdom will be reopen Friday, Nov. 24, for its regular winter hours of 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. seven days a week through its next closure on Dec. 25. To get more information or the latest reports of conditions on the Battlefield’s cross-country ski trails, call 406-689-3155.

Maverick seeking instructors
The Maverick Mountain Ski School in Polaris is looking for people willing to teach students the fundamentals of skiing and snowboarding, staring in January 2018. The school is open Thursday–Sunday, with the middle two days the heaviest for instruction. Instructors will get, among other things, a season pass and discounts on food and drink at Maverick. For more information, contact Ski Director Ian Decker (406-498-8276) or Snowboarding Director Jacob Cleverley (406-925-3610).