SD 10 teachers ratify new contract

Parties agree on 1.75% salary hike
Teachers ratify deal
By M.P. Regan
Dillon School District 10’s tenured teachers last week finalized their vote to unanimously endorse a tentative, one-year deal hammered out last month between negotiators representing their union and the SD 10 Board of Trustees.
Under the terms of the accord, each teacher at Parkview Elementary and Dillon Middle School would receive a 1.75 percent increase in base pay for the 2017–18 school year and a one-time, $500 bump in the school district’s contributions to his or her health insurance costs.
The school board will vote at its next monthly meeting – set for this Monday, June 12 – on whether to approve the deal for the coming school year negotiated by three of its seven members — Jed Petersen, Marti Laknar and Todd Rouse.
Scheduled a day earlier than usual in the month, Monday's meeting will also address the approval of raises for exempt personnel, the rehiring of the District’s non-union employees, SD 10’s property and liability insurance, and an update on summer maintenance projects. The meeting starts at 7 p.m. in the district board conference room at 22 N. Cottom in Dillon.
“We know times are tough and both sides gave a little, so it was a product of good bargaining,” said John Jory, who teamed with fellow DMS teachers Mark Moreni and Becky Telling, along with Parkview Elementary’s Kim Parke and Jennifer Ostler, to negotiate the deal for the Beaverhead Education Association (BEA)—the union that represents the district’s tenured teachers.
The deal would also adjust some contract language to eliminate two pay rates for tenured teachers’ unused personal time so that they receive the higher rate of $75 per day.
In the spring of 2015, BEA and SD 10 reached a two-year agreement that also gave the teachers a 1.75 percent base pay increase, along with a 2 percent increase in contributions to their health insurance premiums.
“Negotiations have gone well over the past few years—we sit down and get things done,” said SD 10 superintendant, Dr. Glen Johnson, of the process that included the latest deal getting worked out during two bargaining sessions last month between teams from BEA and the SD 10 Board of Trustees.