Empty threat clears Dillon grade schools

Officials eye suspect

Dillon Police Chief Paul Craft reassures Parkview Elementary students as they head back to class following an evacuation drill last week in connection with a bomb threat the day before. M.P. Regan photo

Dillon Police said the department’s investigation into the latest bomb hoax levied against local schools is funneling toward a leading suspect.

“We’re honing in on an individual, a student at the elementary school,” Dillon Police Chief Paul Craft told the Dillon Tribune on Monday of the investigation into a bomb threat that evacuated Parkview Elementary and Dillon Middle School the afternoon of Thursday, Nov. 5.

The evacuation and investigation were inspired by a threatening note discovered the previous day.

“I’m going to blou [sic] up the school at 2:30 tomorrow [sic]” read the note found on a bathroom wall at Parkview Elementary.

Craft said that the note’s sloppy spelling and writing led police to believe it was penned by a youthful perpetrator.

For the full story, see the Nov. 11 edition of the Dillon Tribune.