Huber tops Peters for Match Play title

Ken Peters takes a practice swing on the third tee-box at Beaverhead Golf Course during the recent Club Championship. In the background, Jim Huber chats with another member of the first round group. Huber and Peters used the first round of the Club Championship to decide the BGC inaugural Match Play Tournament championship. Huber not only claimed the Match Play title, the next day he won the Men’s Club Championship. J.P. Plutt photo


Beaverhead Golf Course Club House Manager Kasey Briggs offered an inaugural Match Play tournament to members and 35 men and a woman took advantage of the opportunity to square off  in a handicapped bracket in a tourney that took two months to play out.  In the end, Jim Huber defeated Ken Peters for the championship.

“When I’ve played on Saturday’s in match play tournaments, I’ve played really well, so the way I looked at it, I was in the championship match and in the money, so I just went out and played relaxed and had a good time.”

Huber gave Peters one stroke on the handicap and closed out the match on hole #13.  The BGC Men’s League teammates opted to play the match as part of their first round pairing in the Men’s Club Championship tournament.  Huber set the pace for a title run with a round of 70, outpacing Peters, himself a former club champion.

This past Sunday, Charlie Lansing bested Randy Newman on the first extra hole for third place.  

The tourney format was single eliminated other than, first round losers dropped to a consolation bracket.  Jason Schumacher and former club champion Steve DiGiovanna of Sheridan will meet for the consolation bracket title sometime this week.

Theoretically, the handicap system gave all players an equal chance to win.  Many of the matches throughout the tourney were decided on the last hole or on extra holes.


2014 BGC Match Play Tournament

Championship – Jim Huber (8 handicap) def. Ken Peters (9 Handicap).

Third place – Charlie Lansing (9) def. Randy Newman (15).

Semifinals – Ken Peters (9) def. Randy Newman (15); Jim Huber (8) def. Charlie Lansing (9).

Quarterfinals – R. Newman (15) def. Glen Merenz (20); K. Peters (9) def. Mikel Griffiths (9).  Charlie Lansing (9) def. Lee Pelletier (10).  Jim Huber (8) def. Lyndee Fogel (23).

Round of 16 – G. Merenz (20) def. Lonny Rand (8);  R. Newman (15) def. Billy Mular (25);  M. Griffiths (9) def. Frank Russell (9); K. Peters (9) def. Mike Tyler (16);  L. Pelletier (10) def. Tedd Stanisich (12);  Charlie Lansing (9) def. John Schuler (13);  L. Fogel (23) def. Stephen O’Neil (10);  J. Huber (8) def. Jim Eisenzimmer (17).

Round of 32 – L. Rand (8) def. Danny Gee (8); G. Merenez (20) def. Fred Town (14);  R. Newman (15) def. Dakota Norris (9);  B. Mular (25) def. Bill Pawley (9); F. Russell (9) def. Zach McDougal (16);  M. Griffiths (9) def. John Schuyler (25);  M. Tyler (16) def. Darrel Scott (22);  K. Peters (9) def. Zach McRae (14).  L. Pelletier (10) def. Jason Schumacher (6); T. Stanisich (12) def. Steve DiGiovanna (6);  John Schuler (13) def. Ralph Hamler (8);  C. Lansing (9) def. Max Nield (23);  S. O’Neil (10) def. Bob Parker (16);  L. Fogel (23) def. K. Smith (13);  J. Huber (8) def. Dick Newton (19);  J. Eisenzimmer (17) def. J.P. Plutt (27).

Play-in matches – D. Gee (8) def. David Magee (15);  Z. McDougal (16) def. Rick Roth (n/a);  J. Schumacher (6) def. Kal Fogel (25);  S. O’Neil (10) def. Bill Totten (22).

Consolation bracket

(first round losers)

Championship – Steve DiGiovanna (6) versus Jason Schumacher (6).

Semifinal – J. Schumacher (6) def. Bill Pawley (9);  S. Digiovanna (6) def. Ken Smith (13).

Quarterfinal – B. Pawley (9) def. Bill Totten (22);  J. Schumacher (6) def. Dick Newton (19); S. DiGiovanna (6) def. Zach McDougal (16);Ken Smith (13) def. Ralph Hamler (8);  

Round of 16 – B. Totten (22) def. Fred Town (14);  B. Pawley (9) def. Rick Roth (n/a);  J. Schumacher (6) def. Bob Parker (16);  D. Newton (19) def. David Magee (15);  S. DiGiovanna (6) def. Kal Fogel (25);  Z. McDougal (16) def. Danny Gee (8);  R. Hamler (8) def. Max Nield (23);  Ken Smtih won by forfeit.

Play-in matches – B. Totten (22) def. Dakota Norris (9);  Dick Newton (19) def.  J.P. Plutt (27);  S. DiGiovanna (6) def. Zach McRae (14).