Stop aid for Israel


To the editor,


Being pro-Palestinian is not anti-Semitic not being pro-Palestinian is racist. Stop all aid to Israel. The Conflict in Gaza is one-sided and genocidal. Gaza is a prison forced upon the Palestinian people by Israel. End the blockade. Support boycott of all aid and trade with Israel until the rights of the Palestinians are protected. The West Bank is about the same with increasing illegal settlements on stolen lands. End the illegal settlements in the West Bank. Please stand up for human rights. Without US support Israel would be forced settle with the Palestinians in an honorable fashion. Either a bi-national federation, or the two state solution.

Palestinian and Israeli conflict stands at the center of all other issues in the Middle East. There are still very few Americans in political office that treat the Palestinians as if they were part of the human race. Palestinian people are exposed to degrading cruelty. 

We read of political assassinations. Their homes are destroyed. Now a genocidal war. They live in Apartheid conditions. American Government acts as if this is natural, or even acceptable. The Palestinian movement does not have enough individuals in the USA to help bring about a change in US policy in the region. 

The Campaign to End the Occupation of Palestine still needs our help. We all need to make sovereignty for Palestine central to any support of Israel. That justice for the Palestinian people is central to peace in that region must be taken very earnestly. 

The truth is Israel will only be secure when there is security and justice for the Palestinian people. The Peace movement in Israel understands this and the means through which a just and equitable peace can be secured for Palestinians is central to their program. Israelis fate is closely tied to the fate of the Palestinians. There are two nations and one country. Like any other settler state the settlers and the indigenous people must be reconciled within that one country. To restate this point Palestinians have an equivalent “not a superior” claim to the land, all the land, than the Israelis. Many American intellectuals are supporters of regional Manifest Destiny, settlers against the indigenous people of this region. These speakers of half-truths that can never understand any “settler state” that cannot act in good faith with out first examining her soul. “Get involved in boycott, divestment and sanctions of Israel”, support the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation. 


Michael Joseph Francisconi