Bullying is a community problem


To the editor,


As a parent of two children attending our local schools I see and hear what goes on at school these days. Many of you out there do also. I also read the article about SD#10 and was very upset by it. There is a very large elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about or face head on. Bullying is in our schools and it is severe in many cases. We are not talking about your typical remarks and “kid stuff”. We are talking about day in day out verbal and/or physical assault. In some cases the bullying has gone on for years with the same group of students.

As a community I feel we all need to work together to help each other and our schools deal with the problem. It starts at home but in the schools it starts as young as kindergarten. Our schools have a duty to teach our children a quality education but they also have the duty to make sure our children are safe, healthy and happy at school.

Our family has been deeply effected by the bullying/harassment that has happened to our child. It has changed our world and is something I do not ever want anyone’s family to go through. These bullys know what they are doing and they know when they can do it and get away with it. As parents we need to open our eyes, pay attention to our children and their behaviors, and volunteer and get involved in our schools.

There are 4,400 suicides each year by teenagers in the U.S. and for every one successful suicide there are 100 attempts. Bullying is a cancer; it is eating away at the lives of our children. Let’s stand behind our children now before we lose even one.

I have been disappointed with the actions of the three schools here and their handling of our particular situation. I know in some situations their hands are tied and they can only do so much but their policies and actions are not making the problem better. There needs to be more done. I do not have all the answers, but it is going to take a conjoined effort on all our parts to make a difference.

So I ask you as our community members to join us in talking to the schools at board meetings and let them know you have had enough.



Kim Tomlinson