Never relent to school bullies


To the editor,


We are parents of two boys that have survived the school system in Dillon. We recently asked both school boards to address the topic of bullying and had the opportunity to speak at both Beaverhead County High school and District #10 school board meetings. In May we attended the District #10 school board meeting along with several other concerned parents. We shared with the board members the type of harassment and bullying that our kids have had to endure attending Dillon schools. They agreed that there is a problem and that they have a system in place to deal with it, but really wouldn’t say what that was. It is apparent that the school board is unaware of the exact policy for handling the bullies.

When the superintendent tells us that there just isn’t enough hours in the day to teach English, math and history and deal with these other issues, the message is clear. It was also clear at the District #10 meeting that the sale of a 100-year-old asbestos-filled building was more important than the safety and well being of our children.

At the June school board meeting, as reported by the Dillon Tribune, which no parents were in attendance, the superintendent and both school principals agreed that they had an effective policy in place and were handling the issue.

When 46 percent of the students polled at the middle school say bullying is a problem, it’s obvious the policies aren’t working. Doesn’t this look like almost half the kids are concerned about this issue? Are we missing something here? We are not pointing fingers and we know the principals are working with what they have, a lot of it comes from higher up.

These bullies start this behavior at an early age. You can’t tell us the schools don’t know who these kids are. The ones doing the bullying are repeat offenders.

Beaverhead County High School and District #10, stop letting this behavior continue by giving these bullies a free pass because you know their parents, or they are the star athlete.

Our kids can’t learn in a hostile environment, constantly watching for the next attack. The schools need to take a stronger stand with these kids and make an example of them or it will never stop. A slap on the wrist is not getting through to these kids. 

Take a minute and think: about your own child. What would you want done? Stand up to bullies.


Chris and Tracey Renfree