Actions speak loud


To the editor,


For those of you that know me, You know that I’m a very black and white person, so when I see someone saying one thing publicly, after purposely already having done another, especially when that someone is running for public office and asking us to put our trust in them, I feel at a bare minimum, they need to be held accountable for being truthful. Voters, just beware of the double speak,from Brooke Erb. She states in her letter to editor on May 13th, or Tuesday of last week, that she “condemns negative campaign tactics from outside organizations” against her opponent, and her editorial also states that she “ is running a positive campaign,” I’ll share what I know, and you can decide for yourselves.

Ms. Erb was in The Big Hole Valley, on Friday, May 9th, (4 days before her statement of condemnation), personally sharing with voters, the Attack Mailers against her opponent, in fact, the very ones sent to her own home. I happen to have a copy in hand, and it does indeed still have her name and address attached. Interestingly enough, this all took place a full day before the ones in the mail actually made it to Jackson or Wisdom addresses.

I guess if she somehow knew these mailers hadn’t made it out here yet, she was just being helpful in getting us informed. If that’s the case, then she should have checked the facts better, as these attacks are anywhere from misleading to completely inaccurate. I did my own research.

I bring this up only because she was personally re-distributing the very material she is condemning. Bottom line, actions speak louder than words.


Carl Miles