Chilson, Tatarka win major offices

The Beaverhead County High School delegation to the YMCA Youth and Government Program in Helena pose for a photo on the steps of the state capitol. The delegation concluded a successful run with winning efforts in major races. submitted photo


The BCHS/YMCA Youth and Government students were at the state capital in Helena at the 2014 conference on May 4-7. The Dillon delegation competed and claimed a number of major offices including Gabe Chilson’s successful campaign as governor and Ethan Tatarka running a winning campaign for secretary of state. 

There were 24 BCHS students at the conference along with advisors Bernie Wasser, Deb Hawkins, John Hawkins, and Sharon Anderson. The organization had been preparing for this event since January with the help of many local community members. 

The recipients of the first Ruth Haugland Memorial Youth and Government Students of the Year go to Gabe Chilson and Courtney Linder. The criteria is based on total points for involvement and awards in Youth and Government throughout their high school years.

2014 Beaverhead County High School Delegation and Awards:

 Gabe Chilson – Governor (only seconnd ever from Dillon).  Ethan Tatarka – Secretary of State (first ever from Dillon).  Daniel Egan – Senator (Chair). Taryn Judge – Governor’s Cabinet  Jace Kuntz – Senator of the Year (Chair)  Courtney Linder – Assistant to the Secretary of State & Position Paper of the Year.  Darby Peterson – Senate.  Corey Renfree – Lobbyist of the Year.  Shealan Stanchfield – Attorney.  Sage Schoonen – Attorney.  Cameron Freebury – Attorney  Jade D’Esposito – Attorney  Holly Anderson – Reporter  Jordan Peterson – Reporter  Taryn Mercer – House of Representatives  Kyle Finch – House of Representatives (Chair).  Dale Royer – House of Representatives.  Matthew Shenton – House of Representatives (Chair).  Mark Waldrup – House of Representatives.  Finley Andrew – 1st Year Senate (Chair).  Jayden Chilson – House of Representatives.  Maggie Magee – 1st Year Senator of the Year.  Sam Peterson – 1st Year House of Representatives (Chair).  Kyson Wilson – 1st Year Representative of the Year (Chair).

The Montana YMCA Youth and Government Program provides a fun and educational Youth Legislature and Model Supreme Court for high school students which allows them to learn about state government and the political process. The program is based on the rules, procedures, and traditions of the real Montana Legislature and Supreme Court.

Program Overview

Participants work in local clubs (school-based or YMCA based) in their local communities throughout the year. They study the political party system, practice parliamentary procedure, discuss current social and economic issues, campaign for office and write legislative bills.


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