Respects Welborn


To the editor,


I, as many of you, received a flyer, mailed to Beaverhead County residents, attacking Representative Jeff Welborn. The flyer is from the Conservative Majority Pac, James Pennington Treasurer, 1302 24th Street, #307, Billings MT 59102. 

I Googled “Conservative Majority Pac”. I did not find anything for a Conservative Majority PAC in Billings, Montana. I found a Conservative Majority Pac, based in Houston, Texas. This was mainly a web page for donations. I find it very strange that a super Pac would spend Dark Money on a Beaverhead County political race. What are they trying to accomplish? 

Jeff is a conservative, maybe not an extreme right winger, but a respected legislator, that tries to find solutions to issues.  Part of the extreme right wing agenda in Montana is to sell or tradeoff our federal lands to private ownership, transfer federal lands to the states, lock up access to public lands so a few wealthy, nonresident land owners can have exclusive access to our lands, and privatize and commercialize our wildlife. 

Jeff and I have not agreed on all issues, but Jeff has always had an open door and we have openly discussed what we didn’t agree on, trying to reach a workable solution, but always parting as friends and neighbors, as we all should in a small community. Jeff is a good representative and strives to serve his constituents. He does not have his own agenda to implement, like some other elected officials. I believe that if I had an urgent or serious need, Jeff would do all he could to help me. This flyer from a non-transparent political PAC, attacking Jeff, is “Dirty Politics’ and a stain on the election process.  I urge you to not let this influence you when making a decision on who to vote for. Check out Jeff’s voting record and you will see that he has represented us, even when it meant going against the extreme right wing establishment. Thanks Jeff, you will have my vote.


Ray Gross