Disagrees with Welborn


To the editor,


As a native Montanan, and a long-time resident (20 years) of Beaverhead County, I learned early in my life the importance of family and conservative social mores. Stable family life, with a mother and a father, contributes to healthy, successful children who grow up to become active, contributing members of our society.

 Since Beaverhead County is one of the most traditionally conservative counties in Montana, one would expect its representative in the State Legislature would reflect those same values. It was, therefore, with shock and dismay that I read Montana Family Foundation’s (MFF) post-2013 Legislative Report that placed State Representative Jeff Welborn last on the list of Republicans, next to the Democrats that voted liberal, progressive on the issues. In fact, MFF gave Rep Welborn only a 33% on Family issues that came before the Legislature, a ranking I am certain does not reflect the more conservative social views of Beaverhead County residents.

 The Montana Family Foundation rated the votes of each legislator on ten family-related issues that came before the Legislature. Rep. Welborn voted on the wrong side of seven of those ten issues. He voted against HB 315 which would have established public charter schools and which subsequently passed the House. Related to that, he voted against SB 81 which would have authorized tax credits for private school scholarship donations. He voted against HB 505 which would have clarified and prohibited physician-assisted suicide.

 I agree with the Montana Family Foundation that our elected representative should support policies and programs that protect and promote families and traditional family values. By anyone’s grading standards, 33% is a failing grade.


Linda J Loendorf