Candidate Forum: Jay Hansen – incumbent candidate for sheriff

Jay Hansen

As a native of Montana, I grew up in the Flathead Valley. After graduating from Montana State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree, I moved to the Beaverhead Valley where my father’s family had settled in 1902. I found employment with the Beaverhead County Road Department, Williams Feed, and eventually with the Sheriff’s Office. I married the former Sue Tash, now the Public Health Director. We have two grown children. I also have two older brothers with families living in Beaverhead County. 

For over 29 years, I have served and protected Beaverhead County residents. My career began in 1984 when I was hired as a deputy sheriff. Since then I have worked in many different roles and positions within the Office of the Sheriff. In 1996 I was appointed Sergeant Deputy and ultimately in 1999, I was appointed as Undersheriff until 2005 when I was appointed the first Investigator in Beaverhead County. 

In 2006, I earned your trust and was elected as your Sheriff. I believe that the different roles I have worked, assisted me with my career, making me a better leader. I also believe that born leaders are few and far between and the typical leaders I have had the fortune to meet have become leaders by developing their skills over a significant period of time.

The Sheriff’s Office should be dedicated to protecting the public, preserving the peace, reducing the threat and fear of crime, improving the quality of life within our communities and always placing humanity first. 

We should be committed to doing the right thing, the right way, and for the right reasons by establishing within ourselves integrity. We should hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethical and moral conduct.

We should be role models and define honesty, sincerity and establishing trust within our communities. We should be professional well-trained proficient officers evoking professionalism, fairness, and compassion.

We should treat members of our communities impartially while honoring and appreciating their diverse cultures. We should be consistent and devoted in protecting the constitutional rights of all. 

Lastly, we should be compassionate. We should treat people with respect dignity and understanding.