Candidate Forum: Paul Oldynski – candidate for sheriff

Paul Oldynski


My name is Paul Oldynski. I am running for Sheriff of Beaverhead County. I was raised in Southern California where I trained at Santa Ana College to become a machinist.

I then moved to Prescott, Arizona where I obtained a Certification in Gunsmithing with a minor in Business. After graduating from college in 1981, I married Julie and worked for a custom gun builder in Prescott.

We moved back to California in 1983 where I really learned how to be a machinist, working with my father in a Research and Development shop.

Julie and I moved to Dillon in 1988. We moved to Dillon because we wanted to raise our family in a safe and healthy environment.

We opened Oldynski Gun Crafting in 1988 in the Hitchin’ Post Sporting Goods Store in Dillon, while also working on various ranches in the area and working in construction. In 2001, I became a Reserve Deputy for Beaverhead County and in 2002 was hired as a full time Deputy. During my service as a Deputy, I was a Reserve Coordinator, a Primary SWAT Operator, DARE Officer for the Big Hole Valley and Deputy Coroner. After leaving the Sheriff’s office in 2012, I resumed working full time in my gunsmith shop and obtained my contractor’s license.

Julie and I have always enjoyed shooting, cutting firewood, hunting, fishing, hiking, and snowshoeing and have raised our children to enjoy these things as well. I am grateful for all my friends and the opportunity to have raised my family in Dillon and I look forward to sharing these things with my grandchildren. I enjoyed working in law enforcement and would like the opportunity to serve as sheriff, where I think I could make a real difference.