Teachers’ union, School District 10 reach tentative agreement


Representatives of the Dillon School District 10 Board of Trustees and leaders of the union representing its 49 teachers reached a tentative deal on Monday evening.

The one-year contract would increase the teachers’ base pay by 1.5 percent for the coming school year and contributions to their health insurance by 2.5 percent.

“We have looked over the package proposal and really appreciate it, and would like to take it our members for a vote,” said Parkview Elementary music teacher Kristy Hutchinson, who also serves as co-president, with Denise Hahnkamp, of the Beaverhead Education Association, the union that represents SD 10’s teachers.

“Wonderful,” responded SD 10 Superintendent Dr. Glen Johnson, who assisted Board of Trustees President Jed Petersen and Board Member Nicole Andersen in the negotiations.

The deal also aims to bump up the pay of the cross country head coach from 3 percent to 4 percent of base salary and establishes 2 percent of base salary compensation for the Academic Olympics coach.

In addition, the tentative accord would adjust some contract language in regards to maternity/paternity and adoption leave to align it with SD 10 policy and the federal Family Medical Leave Act, as well as the deadline for teachers to alert the administration on “qualified educational lane changes” that could increase individual teachers’ salaries due to their earning additional college course credits related to their work.

The deal now goes to a vote by the full membership of the Beaverhead Education Association, with Hutchinson saying that vote could be organized and completed as early as Friday.

If approved, the deal would go before the full SD 10 Board at its next meeting, on May 13.

The new contract would cost SD 10 an additional $72,043 in teacher salaries and $13,750 in health insurance contributions for 2014-15.

The tentative accord came at the end of the third bargaining session between representatives of the SD 10 Board and teachers union over the past month.


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