GM joins corrupt government


To the editor:

For 10 years, Government Motors (GM) has hidden the fact that there was a defect in their SUVs. This caused the motor to shut off while traveling, and all the systems – brakes, air bags, power steering etc. – would not work. This had resulted in over 100 deaths over 10 years.

A lawyer who sued because of a fatal wreck received letters from GM that should turn the stomach of decent Americans. GM is claiming that because of the taxpayers’ bailout that the Company is a “different” company, therefore they are not responsible for any defects in GM products that happened before the bailout.

When asked why they were not going to repay $37 billion that is still owed on the bailout, GM has filed court papers declaring that because the taxpayers (government) chose to invest in GM stocks, that the taxpayers lost that money in the reduction of GM stock since the bailout, just like all stockholders.

GM is now owned by the labor Unions! Is trickery going to be behind any negotiations with this company? Double talk, thievery, murder, call this case what you will, the courts cannot allow this to happen. The piece being put into all the defected vehicles cost 57 cents!

It was just two weeks ago that the Attorney General’s office filed a billion-dollar lawsuit against Toyota for a defect in their vehicle that they failed to tell the public about. How much will the attorney general sue general motors for?

Someone must be held responsible for the hundred dead because of this hidden defect for 10 years.

Bill Hanley

Twin Bridges