CTEP project gains re-approval


The long, winding and often bewildering road traveled by the Bannack Street/Railroad Street CTEP project took another sharp turn on Monday when the Dillon City Council’s Street and Alley Committee voted unanimously to re-approve the project.

The vote came just over five years after the Street and Alley Committee and the full City Council first unanimously approved the project, which would, in part, construct a new sidewalk to the Bicentennial Apartments.

And Monday’s vote came just over a month after the Street and Alley Committee at its last meeting on March 6 changed course and voted against the CTEP (Community Transportation Enhancement Program) project.

Monday’s unanimous re-endorsement also came just under a month after committee members admitted confusion over the state of project when it was examined at the March 19 City Council meeting, which ended with Street and Alley Committee members vowing to re-assess it at their next committee meeting.

“I really don’t’ know what you guys are doing,” Mayor Mike Klakken commented at the March 19 City Council meeting.

“We have money sitting out there from CTEP. The Bicentennial project has been approved. … Now you guys are talking about not approving it.”

At that March 19 City Council meeting, Street and Alley Committee members were advised that reversing course and rejecting the Bannack Street/Railroad Avenue CTEP project would force the City of Dillon to pay back the CTEP funds it had already spent in engineering fees on the project, an amount that City Director of Operations J.S. Turner on Monday put at around $20,000.

The latest delays and detours came amidst reminders that the CTEP program has been discontinued and the money it granted Dillon needs to be spent on projects completed by September 2015.

As described and approved five years ago, and re-described and re-approved Monday by the Street and Alley Committee, CTEP project would install new sidewalks, curbs and gutters on both sides of Bannack Street from Montana Street west to Railroad Avenue, with a handicap corner placed at each of the four street corners. New crossings or panels would be installed on the sets of the railroad tracks that don’t have them already. A new sidewalk, along with curbs and gutters, will be constructed on the west side of Railroad Avenue, north from Bannack Street to the Bicentennial Apartments, where another handicap corner will be placed.

The 2009 estimate put the cost of all that at $195,253 — $169,050 of it to be paid for with federal CTEP funds.


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