A Koch and a smile


To the editor,


I see that Charles Koch has slithered out from under his rock and written an editorial for (what else) the Wall Street Journal. It seems that he was outraged that a bunch of “collectivists” (an antiquated John Birch Society term for Communists that Charlie must have picked up at the Sock Hop) were upset at his attempt to buy the country. Imagine that. His dewy-eyed paean to liberty and freedom makes you wonder why he’s trying to buy candidates whose main goal is to keep people from voting. (See the Americans for Prosperity ads for GOP candidates who advocate suppressing minority voting.)

If you look at Koch industries for the years that the collectivists have been running things, Charlie has done pretty well. The rich have indeed gotten richer. The system that he’s so critical of has enabled him to translate all that inherited wealth into real money. Although, it is easier when that first hundred mil or so is free. Right, Charlie?

One would wonder what parts of this oppressive government the Kochs would get rid of. Would it be the government that allows them to get ridiculously low grazing fees on their public land allotments, or the government that requires NEPA analysis that lets all citizens have a say in the management of their lands? You see, Charlie, that’s the way democracy works. Everybody – even the little people – gets a say in the process.

Look, these guys are first-order slime balls. Not because they’re rich, heck, lots of people are rich. It’s not that hard. (Especially when you can start with that first hundred mil or so. Right, Charlie?) But because they’re arrogant whiners who think that being rich makes them privileged. When the system of government you’ve operated under puts you in the top 1 percent of Romney’s top 1 percent and you still complain, it makes me think that what you really want is to run the system. And when people like the Kochs run government, it’s no longer a democracy. It’s an oligarchy — which Wikipedia defines as, “… a body of government where control is held by a small group. Usually these people are wealthy. The most well known example is the former Soviet Union.” So now who’s a collectivist?

Better slither back under that rock Charlie — before you get trampled by all those poor folks running to the polls.


Pete Bengeyfield