The truth of war


To the editor,


Mr, Hanley, I read your comments last week and you said my view on wars is misplaced. I don’t know why you want us to keep sending young men and women into battle unnecessarily to die in unneeded wars? Let’s look at the cost of wars: The Korean War: 55,000 Americans killed, thousands of women and children killed. Money cost for America, $408 billion. The Vietnam War: 58,000 Americans killed, millions of women and children killed. Money cost for America, $584 billion. Persian Gulf War of 1991: 363 Americans killed. Cost of war $76 million.

War in Iraq and Afghanistan … 6,000 Americans killed. Thousands of women, children, civilians killed. The cost of these two wars at the present time, over $1 trillion and still spending. It has been estimated with future interest costs on borrowing money for these wars, veterans medical and disability costs will add up to $4 trillion.

Mr. Hanley, who won these wars? Has it made America stronger? What were fighting for? Oh, yes the warmongers, and the large corporations, we need to get out of the war business and take care of our own country, our own people.

You say I do not tell the truth but just see the facts through the eyes of a liberal. Mr. Hanley, I have never been a liberal because the liberals do not liberate anything. And, I have never been a conservative, because the conservatives have never conserved anything.

I do not know what truthful facts you do not understand about war and killing people?

And by the way I served my country also, not in the military but by teaching special needs children for 36 years. My first teaching position I got paid $2,500 for the year. Yes, and I pay my own way, no special benefits from the government.


La Von D. Brillhart