Ain’t no sunshine


To the editor,


A few weeks ago I made a request to the City Council members for copies of e-mail communications between them and Mayor Malesich between the November, 2013 election and the first council meeting in January, 2014. I made my request under the authority of the Freedom of Information Act that has been federal law since 1965.

To date I have received offers of limited information from some of the council members. The cost of the offered information far exceeds the federal standard which includes no charge for the first two hours of search or the first 100 pages of copies. The information at the state site tells me that the charge is $8.50 per hour with the first half hour free and 10 cents per page for copies. One council person has requested a charge of $75 per hour.

It appears that after searching, that I may be qualified to ask for a waiver of charge because that is a federal standard as well if “the information is likely to contribute significantly to public understanding of operations and activities of government and is not for commercial interest of the requester.”

Isn’t it ironic that this week celebrates the Freedom of Information Act?


Lynn Giles