Wary of Obamacare


To the editor,


At last, an answer from Mr. Brillhart. I’m not hard to get along with, I am an independent, you know: one of those Americans that are sick and tired of how both parties are screwing up this country.

As for the way this country spends in these budgets, if you think the military is getting too much money, I’ll introduce you to a program that has silently ballooned under Obama. Consider this: a retired military man who served from the 50s to the 80s has a retirement check and a Social Security check totaling $31,000, pays fed taxes plus partial taxes on the Social Security while in 12 of the largest American cities, a person on welfare collects from $35,000 to $45,000, pays no taxes, has free medical care under Medicaid and gets food stamps. See anything wrong with this comparison, Mr. Brillhart?

Your feeling as to wars is misplaced. Cry more for those who have died in those wars — don’t complain about the amount of money spent to fight those wars. And please tell us who in this world has paid for and fought to save this miserable Earth during two world wars. Who else could have won both those wars? Even our young people in uniform are sick and tired after four to six combat tours and now our president wants to cut back on the commissaries that feed the military families while our troops are serving.

I’ve seen those body bags. I’ve helped scrape up enough of a body to place in those bags. As for who pays my health insurance, I served for 20 years and on my enlistment contract was the promise of government health insurance for life which was then changed to “if you pay for Medicare part B, you can have your “earned government health” … another lie.

You do not present the truth … you provide your version of life as you see it through the eyes of a liberal. Those views that caused Rutgers University to cancel a speech that was supposed to be presented by Condelesa Rice, a minority woman, well educated, excellent former Secretary of State and now a college professor.

What middle class? In this country, everyone making less that $100,000 falls into Obama’s “poverty level”. Obamacare is based on income three times the poverty level of $20,000. That means everyone being under $60,000 can get the subsidies (and $5,000 deductibles) announced in Obamacare.

Bill Hanley

Twin Bridges