Dillon enjoys low-cost fire year

The City of Dillon suffered just $650 of property damage from fires in 2013, according to statistics from the Dillon Volunteer Fire Department.

“That’s not a typo,” DVFD Chief Mike McGinley advised the Dillon City Council when handing out the stats at the Council’s Feb. 19 meeting.

“We had an amazing year,” added McGinley, who said the $650 in damages stemmed from two incidents—a dumpster fire and a five hundred dollar car that caught fire.

“There was no structure fires, no real big damage in the City of Dillon for the year.”

McGinley said District 2 enjoyed a relatively low damage fire season in 2012, but that luck changed for the worse early in 2013.

“On Jan. 1, it took 15 minutes until we were out on a fire call where we lost a $85,000 tractor,” reported McGinley.

“On the district side, we had over a half million dollars in damages —two John Deere tractors, a house in Argenta, 600 tons of hay just before Christmas.”

District 2 encompasses 1800 square miles surrounding Dillon, extending to the Beaverhead County line by Twin Bridges, to Glen, to Bannack, to the south side of the Clark Canyon Dam.

The same 32 firefighters who battle blazes for the Dillon Volunteer Fire Department also fight fires for District 2.

Those 32 firefighters donated 3100 hours of their time last year, or about 97 hours per member, saving Dillon taxpayers approximately $139,500, or what it would cost to pay firefighters to perform the same services, according to McGinley, who reported that 1760 of those hours went to training.


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