Rural students explore science

Rural school children from three counties participated in the science fair at UMW’s Keltz Arena on Friday. The students, and their parents, await the announcement of the winners in the above photo. J.P. Plutt photo


The Rural Schools Science Fair took place Friday at Keltz Arena on the campus of Montana Western. According to Beaverhead County Superintendent of Schools Linda Marsh, Alder, the only rural school in Madison County and Divide and Melrose, the only rural schools in Silver Bow County, joined the Beaverhead County schools in the academic affair. Marsh said the three out-of-county schools regularly participate with the Beaverhead schools in various activities.

“I think it is really great that the kids come in and participate,” said Marsh of the science fair. “They include kindergarten through eighth grade, while the bigger schools might only go with seventh and eighth grade. It is really good for those younger kids to learn the scientific methods of going through the whole process.”

The Rural Schools Science Fair concluded with an awards ceremony. And the winners are:


Rural Schools Science Fair

7th-8th grade Life Science – 1, Jessica Wasser, Wisdom. 2, Naida Rodriquez, Wisdom. 3, David Hayden/Svanna Morino, Divide.

7th-8th grade Physical Science – 1, Sam Kuykendall, Melrose. 2, Alex Cox, Jackson. 3, Dusty Dawson, Jackson.

5th-6th grade Physical Science – 1, Tristen Setzer, Grant. 2 (tie), Seth Clark, Grant/Carson Watts, Alder/Coleman Gilman, Alder. 3, Malcom Peterson, Jackson.

5th-6th Biology – 1, Abel Kimmel, Wisdom. 2, Tate Raymond, Wisdom.

5th-6th Life Science – 1., Hannah Hansen, Reichle. 2, Brock Dawson, Jackson.

5th-6th Technology – 1, Rachel Stanchfield, Wise River. 2, Casey Hudson, Melrose.

3rd-4th grade Earth Science – 1, Athena Diaz, Wisdom.

3rd-4th grade Biology – 1, Elenor Dyreson, Reichle. 2, Lily Kessler, Divide. 3, Cole Raymond, Wisdom.

3rd-4th grade Physical Science – 1, Christopher Fraser, Alder. 2, (tie) Kale Schonsberg, Wise River and Parker J. Smith, Reichle. 3, Emma Loggins, Melrose.

3rd-4th grade Life Science – 1, Bryan Schmidlin, Grant. 2, Cory Hansen, Reichle.

1st-2nd grade Earth Science – 1, Haylee Brown, Wisdom. 2, Troy Gross, Wise River.

1st-2nd grade Chemical Science – 1, Ronnie Porter, Jackson.

1st-2nd grade Biology – 1, Jon Peterson, Jackson. 2, Andreena Bork, Alder. 3, Molly Gilman, Alder.

1st-2nd grade Technology – 1, Mary Huxtable, Grant.

1st-2nd grade Physical Science – 1, Clancy Setzer, Grant. 2, Tucker Todd, Alder. 3, David Schmidlin, Grant.

Kindergarten (all received participation awards): Alder – MaRae Smail Audrey Smail, Connor Miller. Wise River – Bob Davidson, Dustin Gross. Wisdom – Rowdy Mattison, Waylon Brown. Reichle –Hank Hagenbarth, Ian Power, Scarlett Garrison, Cole Webster. Polaris – Sage Tash, Madison Lovaas. Melrose – Quinn White.