GOP is wrong


To the editor,


In recent months Republicans have descended beneath even their own low standards for political malpractice. It’s bad enough that they try to keep citizens from voting, now they’re actually denying them health care. The practice in GOP led states of refusing the Medicaid expansion provided by the ACA, is, quite bluntly, reprehensible. People, some of them Republicans, will die as a result of this. Things like cancer and heart disease are not that discriminating when it comes to party affiliation. Ironically, in 2010 the Big Lie that Republicans pushed was about death panels. Well, they did away with the “panel” part. Now all you get is death.

Republicans know the ACA is ultimately good for the country and therefore bad for them. That’s why they’ve promoted a succession of lies to defeat it. The increased costs to small business was always for about 3 percent of businesses, and Obama fixed that. When Obama said, “You can keep your health care.” he was accurate at the scale he was speaking. Ninety-five percent of people kept their health care. Most who had to change got better deals, and again, he implemented fixes for the others. All the hand-wringing over the rollout was never about anything other than a computer problem. Get a life, you guys. You lost. Move on.

There are three things about Obama that drive Republicans crazy — that they can neither come to grips with or rationalize: 1) he will always be a two-term President, 2) he will always be the President who brought us health care, and 3) he will always be black. And the first two are really surrogates for the third. 

The GOP has no policy, no ideas, no vision. They don’t need them. They survive on a core of voters who are driven by a visceral hatred of Obama to the exclusion of common sense. It’s not a formula for survival, but it’s all they’ve got. Eventually the lemmings will march over the cliff, but what will they leave in their wake?


Pete Bengeyfield