Not impressed with GOP candidate


To the editor,


Q: How can you tell when a Republican isn’t telling the truth?  A:  When their lips are moving.  Or, in the case of Steve Daines, when you read his campaign literature.  Today I received what I assume will be the first of many letters begging for money. (Like he doesn’t already get enough from Karl Rove.)  I dutifully (I’m a good citizen) read the whole letter, all the while trying to decide whether I could afford the $2600 suggested maximum (who does he think I am, a Koch cousin).  But when I finished, I was in such fear for my country I was checking the couch for lost change so Steve would have a chance to save the republic.  What a bunch of garbage.

There’s the predictable dumping on the ACA and the specter of the “job-killing ‘green’ agenda”.  (Hey Steve, maybe you ought to visit West Virginia, North Carolina or Kentucky to see what they think of the job-creating energy agenda.  But be sure to take  bottled water).  Then there’s “exploding debt, sky-high unemployment, economic recession and inner-city social decline.”  Man, I was ready to head for Jonestown.

To be fair, none of these are outright lies - only gross misrepresentations of the truth. If “President Obama and the Washington liberal elites” were as bad as Steve portrays when he wants your money, we’d be a third world country by now.  Instead, Obama has reversed the downward plunge of the Bush recession (caused by policies Steve favors),  lowered the Republican-created deficit every year, consistently lowered the Bush-policy-driven unemployment rate, and are generally in a place where all economic indicators are positive.  And - to cite the universal Republican bellweather of success - the stock market has risen to record highs.  History shows that it takes us about ten years to recover from a depression -  so Obama has us a little ahead of schedule.  Oh, and those of you who are just plain citizens that vote Republican because of their “family values” - now you have affordable health care.  You’re welcome.

Steve Daines is a charlatan, a fake, a blow-dried snake-oil salesman.  If anybody sends him money so he can vote against their interests in Congress, you deserve what you get.  My $2600 is going back in the couch. Shouldn’t the 41st richest member of Congress from Van Nuys, California be able to pay for his own propaganda?  


Pete Bengeyfield