Wants city council to move forward


To the editor,


I want to acknowledge both the Dillon Tribune and the Dillonite for keeping on top of the games being played by the City Council.

I am writing to ask that perhaps you can both print a copy of the notorious letter that was drafted by Duke Gilbert for David Spehar and the City Council, dated Feb. 6, 2014 and addressed to Judge Larson requesting that all power to end the Warner Case be given to the City Council and that our Mayor has no say in this. I think it’s important that the residents of Dillon see what has been going on. We have already spent way too much money on legal cases.

The fact that the City Council used the services of our ex-city attorney to assist in this is of great interest to me and  says a lot. 

I’m not normally an activist, but I do like to keep abreast of what is going on. What I have learned about the 12-year history of our ex-mayor and his “staff” (Gilbert and Cobb) is appalling, and I can’t help getting involved in hope of helping to right a wrong. 

The council’s stubborn refusal to OK Mayor Klakken’s appointments, claiming straight-faced that it’s illegal for him to make new appointments and “fire” the last city treasurer and city attorney is insane. Who are they trying to fool?

Originally, we all thought that their unwillingness to work with our new mayor was due to disappointment and anger over the ex-mayor’s loss in the election. But the longer this goes on, and the more stubborn they become, the more obvious  becomes  that there is something more to it. There’s been an attempt to cover things up, to protect some one or maybe more than one person.  It appears they’ve been in a desperate state of panic that some things will “come out” about the last 12 years’ events. 

The present city council is keeping any positive work from getting done in our city, and their fighting and hiring lawyers is going to cost the taxpayers a fortune. We really can’t afford to keep them. I think it’s important that the residents of Dillon pay more attention to what is going on. Our town is too special, the people too good, to become a shambles because of poor government.

Edith Fletcher