Impressed, I stayed in Dillon


To the editor,


Twenty-four years ago, I pulled into Dillon to look at a medical job that was being offered here.  It must have just snowed the week before; similarly to the one we received this last week.  Deep and lots of it. Chinook winds followed that storm 20 plus years ago, leaving the streets lined with black snow and swirling dirt.  Not the most inviting welcome I had hoped for. However, Ruth Haugland shook my hand and showed me around a town I had never seen before.  On leaving Dillon, the town itself did not impress me much back then, but thinking “if the folks living here in Southwest Montana were any thing like that lady, I’m hooked”.  And hooked I was, for I made Dillon my permanent home raising my family here starting back in ’93. 

My gosh, has this town changed into such a beautiful sight! From dust to paved roads, and even two working stop lights, (haven’t got used to them quite yet) and beautiful downtown boulevards to boot. Paid for by the sweat from the working, and uniformed folk’s brows, forearms, and backs, for without all of us, none of this could have happened. Freedom is not free and everyone coming together has made this town what it is: awesome! 

I’m impressed Dillon, and Southwest Montana, for allowing me the chance to walk beside you to help make Dillon the Best Darn Small Town in America!  I have been blessed to be a part of this community and will continue to serve, Lord willing. 

Tery A. Hursh