What happens to states’ rights?


To the editor,


President Obama has declared on national TV that he will bypass Congress if they stall legislation that Obama wants. He “has a pen and a phone” and he will “not hesitate to use them.”

When he declared that Congress was “not in session” and he appointed his two union goons to head the labor department (after Congress refused to approve them), Congress went to the courts and got that reversed. It makes no difference that those two goons ran the department for the two years that it took the courts to act.

He used that pen to start changing the immigration law. He has made too many changes to the affordable care act simply by going on TV and declaring that those changes be made to the law, instead of asking Congress to vote on those changes. Now the feds are spending millions in TV ads to try to change the minds of 70 percent of Americans who detest the law.

There are 33 states that have voted to declare marriage as a union between a man and a woman, and those benefits for married people. Now Obama’s attorney general declared on Feb. 9 that gay couples in those 33 states that want the same benefits as those “married” couples, can now sue in the federal courts and the feds will handle the lawsuits, regardless of what the 33 states’ laws (rights) say.

What will happen in those 33 states when a federal judge rules that those gay couples have to be given all those benefits and the state law doesn’t mean anything in a federal court?

Is this the U.S. government or is it a dictatorship run by Obama and his appointed friends? We still have three more years and it’s time for the states to start protecting their rights.


Bill Hanley

Twin Bridges