Dirty coal and jobs


To the editor,

Public Service Commissioner, Kirk Bushman, wants America to get serious about job growth. (See Montana Standard Opinion page 01-31-2014.) 

Mr. Bushman sees Montana’s massive, untapped coal reserves as a major opportunity for high-wage job creations.  He also warns his readers that President Obama and his “environmentalist cronies” have plans to over-regulate how Montana’s energy is produced and delivered. 

You’ve got that right Mr. Commissioner.  President Obama’s “environmentalist cronies” have bona fide concerns when public service employees exhibit overzealous support for an industry that continues to add millions of tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.

Mr. Bushman and his antihuman caused, climate change denying cronies, tell us they “know” that clean coal technology has the “potential” to dramatically reduce carbon emissions while supplying affordable energy to the world.  Why is this “potential” state-of-the-art carbon reducing science not out there and working in Bushman’s mythical free-market?

President Obama, contrary to industry propaganda, has not imposed a de facto ban on coal technology development. He just wants to see rock solid evidence that it works.

Most secular democracies in our free-thinking world understand natural climate change is a continuous, elementary fact….energy in motion, all matter moves, things change….Whatever!  The inconvenient fact is this:  Burning coal is an unnatural human act responsible for rapid climate change.  Today, over 25% of carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) come from burning coal and this is not a natural phenomenon.

Young people need to demand common sense.

Mike Mosolf