Mayor’s moves would save money


To the editor,


The City Council, on January 15, 2014, did exactly what was asked of them not to do. It is my understanding that both Mr. Gilbert’s and Mr. Cobb’s appointments expired in January.  Not only did the council not allow Mayor Klakken to make appointments that he was entitled to make, but they also showed their prejudice.  

When I questioned Mayor Klakken about whether or not the new appointments to his staff would increase costs, he told me that the new appointments would save about $50,000.  Neither Mr. Troedsson nor Mr. Gore asked me what I thought about voting against saving about $50,000. Mayor Klakken is also requesting that appointees live in Beaverhead County.  That alone would leave Mr. Cobb out because he lives in Madison County.  

Mr. Dolan already works for the City as an assistant City Attorney (why Dillon would need two has always been a mystery to me) and has stated that he will live in Dillon as requested.  Mr. Strauss is a retired CPA and currently not only lives in Dillon, but is also building a new house in the County.   

One thought was suggested to me; perhaps the City Council is attempting to emulate the Federal Congress!  Or perhaps the votes are pure old cronyism.


Lynn Giles