Love Dillon, not sure about council


To the editor,


I am a relative newcomer to Dillon. My husband and I bought a home and moved here in 2011, because we loved the setting, the town, and the people. But it has been hard not to see that something terribly wrong has been going on with the ex-Mayor, the Council, and the Executives he appointed (lawyer, treasurer). We attended the City Council meeting last night (Jan. 15) and were shocked and disgusted by what we saw going on on the part of the Council. It seems to me that the ex Mayor and “his” council must have a good reason for hanging on like leeches to the past and refusing to accept Mike Klakken’s election as Mayor. Something is fishy!!!

Your December editorial, in which you expressed concerns that the council would refuse to work with or accept Mike Klakken as mayor was Right On. From the last 2013 meeting when they rushed to take actions, ignoring Mike’s concerns, to the insanity that took place last night in refusing to approve his Appointee,  they have been proving you were right in your concerns.

I am writing to thank you for taking a Watchdog stance over these goings on and to encourage you to keep up your vigilance.

Also, I want to offer my help if there is a group of people working to support Mike and fight the Council’s refusal to cooperate with him.

Thank you.


Edith Fletcher