The voters spoke


To the editor:


After weeks of the former Mayor’s lack of good grace in defeat as well as that of some of the members of the Council and even some of the staff, I believe it is important to remind them of the fact that Martin Malesich was defeated in the November election; he was defeated soundly, not by eight or ten votes.  He is not “re-retiring”, he lost the election.  He is not leaving of his own volition.  It is unseemly for the Director of Operations to head up a “re-retirement” party.

Mayor Mike Klakken must be given the opportunity to govern and put his people and policies in place.  The Council should not try to block proposals or appointments that he makes.  He needs to be given the opportunity to succeed or fail on his own.

The voters of Dillon have clearly spoken.  It is time to move on and quit beating a very dead horse.


Lynn Giles