Dillon’s first in 2014 is a girl

The first baby born in Dillon in 2014, Quincie Michele Eby, spends some quality time with her mother, Michele Huittinga, of Twin Bridges, at Barrett Hospital & Healthcare last weekend. M.P. Regan photo


Healthy, happy and boasting thick, beautiful curls that ensured she would enjoy a good hair day on her first day in the outside world, Quincie Michele Eby debuted on Jan. 2 as the first baby born in Dillon in 2014.

The 5-pound, 14-ounce newborn joins a family that includes her mother, Michele Huttinga, of Twin Bridges, and Michele’s four other children—21-year old Mitchel, Austin, 18, Emma, 15, and 13-year-old Bethany.

“We have a caboose,” laughed Michele, a lifelong resident of the Ruby Valley.

“The cutest caboose ever,” added Bethany.

The name Quincie was chosen, in part, because it means “fifth born,” said Michele.

“We struggled for a name. Everybody had their pick and ideas. We all decided on Quincie yesterday,” revealed Michele, who works as a secretary at the Mountainview Veterinary Clinic in Twin Bridges.

Michele said news last year that she was expecting a fifth child, over a dozen years after her fourth was born, came as more than a surprise.

“It was total shock--not even shock, it was disbelief,” recalled Michele.

“The shock lasted for quite a while. I didn’t mentally wrap my mind around it until about a week before she was born when I said to my co-worker: ‘I need to go home. I need to pack a bag. I need to put away some baby clothes. I need to set up. Because I’m gonna have a baby!’” said Michele, who spent ten hours in labor before getting a c-section to bring Quincie into the outside world, with some help from her sister, Arlee, who was with her the whole time.

“Arlee always says she’s not the nurturing one and doesn’t like to be the nurse, but she’s always the first one to step in and help,” said Michele, who also had her mother, Claudine, and sister Julie, both of Sheridan, at the hospital on the day of the birth.

“Everybody is pretty excited and glad she is finally here. She has been so easy so far. I think she’s pretty special.”

And she’s already a winner. As the first baby born in Dillon for 2014, Quincie Michele Eby earned gifts donated by a dozen area organizations:

*A $25 Savings Account from State Bank & Trust Co.;

*A Baby Gift from Stockman Bank;

*A Frame and Stuffed Toy from The Gallery;

*Newborn Diapers from Van’s IGA;

*A Children’s Book from The Bookstore;

*Baby’s First Haircut from Hair Care Unlimited;

*A Baby Gift from the 3-D Store;

*A $25 Savings Account and Membership Share from High Peaks Federal Credit Union;

*Two Movie Rentals and a Medium One-Topping Pizza from Dillon Video;

*A Baby Gift from The Dilmart;

*$50 in Chamber Bucks from Pioneer Federal Savings & Loan;

*A Baby Gift from Barrett Hospital & Healthcare;

*A Free Subscription to the Dillon Tribune.